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Trump..tized America, confused world and Putin

by Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: Nov 15, 2016, 6:14 am IST

Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash
Lessons that Americans can surely learn from this unprecedented election can educate them for future ....India could come handy. Like him or not he is now America's President.

American policies have a great role in ensuring world peace, regional stabilities and defining broader international contours. The recent past has seen nations aligning and realigning their strategic contours driven by the changing US centric world order.

West Asia was a hot bed of bloodsheds, upheavals, terrorism and unrest. Much of it had historical connotations that gave birth to outfits like the Taliban and Al Qaida which are now major cause of threat to world peace. In the war between regimes and rulers, its the people who suffer beyond control. Europe faces a huge crisis of immigrants and terrorism. Asian subcontinent faces the challenge of terrorism spilling over from the middle east. North Korea, China and Pakistan have been a perpetual source of concern to the world. Subsequently democracy and human rights has taken a backseat in these countries.

We Indians would like to believe President Trump will prove beneficial for us, as of now, till he backtracks on certain positive stands that he had announced during his campaign. Thankfully he acknowledges India as a power with 'all jobs going up in India', 'a country that is growing fast', etc. Not surprisingly though the uber luxurious Trump Towers that find a place of pride in Gurgaon, Pune and Mumbai will keep him hooked on to India. Although his concern about American jobs going to India will land outsourcing industry in rough weather,  India does not seem to be on his wrong side and of what we as Indians should be primarily concerned too.     

Regionally what goes in India's favor is that notwithstanding the fact that China is America's greatest strategic challenges, China's 'currency manipulation' and 'unfair trade practices’ is heavily on Trump's mind. So not just trade but this eastern giant's commerce will go which way will be keenly watched as China is today world's biggest exporters and quite smart in doing business its own way. This could turn into New Delhi's advantage. Importantly on more than once during his campaigns his exhortation to South Korea and Japan to muscle up to counter China will soon see these countries as major powers leading to a multipolar Asia. As for South China Sea dispute Trump promises to increase US military presence which will be welcomed by both New Delhi and Tokyo. A cozying up of Russia, Japan, India, South Korea with the tacit support of the US may not be impossible for a wishful thinking.

One of the most important strategic comfort for India comes in Trump's stand as far as Russia is concerned. Evidently Putin's support of Trump in the election campaign will not see America following an anti Russia policy or in anyway work to isolate the eastern power. Nothing better can be for India if Russia is helped back to be a power which will prevent it from looking at China thereby checking global bipolarity. At the same time Trump's Af Pak and West Asia policy which had a resonance in his anti muslim stand is a sure shot indication of their troubled times.    issue the US President Trump is extremely vocal about. If he goes by his word lot of people in the US are in for serious trouble. God forbid if non criminals are in the list too. Mexicans, who will be suffering a wall, are the largest number of immigrants in the US with India at the third number and China the second. A million Indian students are studying in various American universities. The fallout of Trump's isolationist policy may have come across well with the people of America for now but how will it shape America's future will be waited to be seen in terms of business as well as the job market. Meanwhile Europe and EU countries have already started revamping their foreign policies as  per Trump's idiosyncrasies.

Much work done on climate change is set to hit the hard rock. Having called global warming a hoax, Trump believes in pulling US out from the Paris Agreement which was high on Obama's blessings. In that case with no financial support from the US we then possibly return back to the idea of barely sustaining ourselves in the rising global temperatures threatening our planet. Hope as time passes he will understand the importance or made to understand the importance of working on climate change       

As the era of Trump unfolds the world stage will be resetting with new alignments. India US relations saw upward trajectory since Prime Minister Modi’s proactive engagements with the US.  The need of the hour is to continue on the much invested human capital to sustain this level of understanding and partnership which can promise a better and peaceful future for both countries and the region at large.
Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash

Political Commentator, Interviewer, moderator and Foreign Correspondent. With more than 15 years in journalism and experience of both print and electronic medium, she is Editor FacenFacts, news website and Managing Director, Dream Press Consultants Ltd