Thursday, May 25th 2017
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Global Significance of Champaran Satyagraha 1917

For a century before 1917 farmers in many parts of India including Champaran in Bihar were forced by British planters to grow Indigo plants  in the best of their lands. Indigo was a plant from wh....Read News

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Twice bitten, not yet shy

Urban India is sick. Yes, that is right. Across our cities, dengue and chikungunya are taking their toll—people are fighting high, even haemorrhagic, fever, excruciating joint pain and acute fat....Read News

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Happy Vijayadashami: Formidable power of myths and mythologies

As a rationalist I consider superstitions detrimental to the progress of a society, because there is an entire industry that is taking advantage of people’s ignorance. Yet as a keen observer of ....Read News

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India lacks political will to fight terrorism & corruption

Continuous deadly events happening every now and then prove that Indian Government has utterly failed in tackling even mundane problems of grass root levels on almost all fronts including corruptions ....Read News

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Conduct Rules for whom?

This may sound like a dilemma, but it is not far from truth. Conduct Rules are meant to govern conduct of civil servants or public servants. Even though there are ample judicial pronouncements holding....Read News

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Common Man and Judicial System

Today every one is talking about judicial accountability i.e. how the whole system of judiciary is to be made accountable. A bill to amend the Judges Inquiry Act which will also provide for constitu....Read News

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Walking On Footprints of Time

Turning to one’s past and replaying those moments bear special significance in life. People individually and collectively explore those days when they grew up and led a life facing many odds a....Read News

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Underbelly of Religion and Customs

Indian culture and its religion along with its associated customs are favourite topics of the foreign writers. In the past, many such authors have written about India and its religions. During my st....Read News

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Hijacked Democracy

Democracy is well popular as a rule “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Each one of the ingredient is as necessary and important as the other one. People here do not mean ....Read News

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Demonetization, a bitter pill stuck in the throat

by : Priti Prakash

The year 2016 finale saw a defining descendency of the state of Indian economic health. Demonetizati...

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