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20, Sep 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

The US Department of Commerce has announced that the TikTok ban in App Stores has been postponed "in light of recent positive developments". Read News

16, Sep 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

Delhi: US President Donald Trump has said that Covid 19 the vaccine could be ready within a month and that a vaccine may not even be required as the virus can go away by itself once "herd mentality” develops, referring to "herd immunity”. Read News

07, Sep 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

Covid 19 Vaccine: US President Donald Trump today said three coronavirus vaccines will be ready for production soon and could be made available this year, doubling down on the accelerated timeline ahead of the US Presidential Elections that has been doubted by expertsRead News

24, Jul 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

The deadly novel coronavirus has infected over 1.5 crore people across the world. There has not been been any vaccine yet, to protect against COVID-19 virus. The medical researchers are working day and night to develop a vaccine for the...Read News

11, Jul 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

Delhi: After taking out several restrictions on different types of visas for the United States, President Donald Trump has said that he is now working on a merit-based immigration system. A report by PTI says that Trump is working an executive order on immigration which will include a 'road to citizenship' for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme. According to the report the president has said that DACA will be part of a larger immigration bill. Read News

02, Jun 2020, by : Desk FnF

Delhi: As protests over George Floyd's death intensifies, US President Donald Trump has warned of deploying the military to stop the violence. According to a report by PTI Trump declared himself "the president of law and order” and said that he will utilize 'thousands and thousands' of soldiers to put an end to the protests if the governors do not use National Guard to end protests which have now spread to over 40 cities in the country.Read News

29, May 2020, by : Desk FnF

On Wednesday, Trump had offered to mediate between India and China, in a tweet. In a carefully crafted response to Trump's offer, India said it was engaged with China peacefully to resolve border dispute. "We are engaged with the Chinese side to peacefully resolve it," External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said.Read News

06, May 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

Even as the Covid-19 deaths in the US continue to escalate, President Donald Trump said more people will die after the economy is reopened and insisted that the Covid-19 threat is diminishing by refusing to wear a mask while visiting a mask-making factory. Read News

24, Feb 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

S President Donald Trump was greeted in Ahmedabad Monday with a big hug from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a Gujarati folk dance performance as he began a two-day tour of India, his first as America's leader.Read News

22, Feb 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unlikely to accompany US President Donald Trump and his family members during their visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra on Monday, PTI reported. Trump is scheduled for a two-day visit to India. He will land in India on 24 February and visit Ahmedabad where he will inaugurate the new Motera stadium. The US President will then visit Agra on the next day.Read News

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