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09, Jul 2016, by : FnF Desk

Indian equity markets fell prey to bears, as profit booking, negative global cues and a weak rupee arrested their meteoric rise during the week ended Friday. Read News

27, Jun 2016, by : FnF Desk

Profit booking and an endeavour to recover from the hangover of last week's Brexit (Britian's exit from the European Union) led the key Indian equity indices to end on a flat note, despite positive cues from their Asian peers.Read News

25, Jun 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

Heavy selling pressure from operators and investors at the fag-end of week due to sharp fall in global markets as the UK voted for Brexit, pulled down the sensex by 228 points and Nifty by 82 points. Read News

12, Jun 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

Investors are expected to enter the Indian equity markets on a cautious note in the near term, with sentiments getting swayed by developments both in India and outside, such as the release of inflation and export data and the outcome of the US Fed meet, analysts maintain.Read News

11, Jun 2016, by : Porisma Pompi Gogoi

Negative global cues, profit booking and mixed macro-economic data saw two key Indian equity market indices end in the negative territory during the week ended. The markets, which started the week on a flat-to-negative note, resumed the uptrend post the accommodative monetary policy stance of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).Read News

06, May 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

The Reserve Bank of India today fixed the reference rate of the rupee at 66.5830 against the US dollar and 75.9313 for the euro. These rates were 66.5105 and 76.3807 respectively.Read News

05, Mar 2016, by : Fnf Desk

As trading drew to a close on Friday, there were reasons to cheer as two key Indian equity indices logged their steepest weekly gain in four years, despite the jittery start on Monday as the initial market assessment of the national budget was positive. Read News

04, Mar 2016, by : Fnf Desk

Moving sideways throughout the week, the benchmark Sensex managed to close the session with a paltry gain of about 40 points at a one-month high of 24,646 on heightened chances of RBI delivering a policy rate cut sooner than later. Read News

03, Mar 2016, by : FnF Desk

The Sensex and Nifty rallied for third day in a row on the back of broad-based buying amid firm global cues. In the last three trading sessions, the Sensex has surged over 1,600 points and Nifty has moved closer to its crucial psychological level of 7,500.Read News

02, Mar 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

Benchmark indices extended gains to end nearly 2% higher on Wednesday after the government pledged support to keep state-owned banks in good health and the Reserve Bank of India eased rules on their core capital requirements under the upcoming Basel III norms.Read News

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