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05, Sep 2016, by : FnF Desk

Doodle artist Nate Swinehart had made the animated work to honour teachers 'who've dedicated their lives to molding a thoughtful, compassionate generation of citizens. And to making sure everyone does their homework'. Read News

17, Mar 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

The process of registration of pilgrims for Amarnath Yatra 2016 has started. Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board chaired by the Governor, Jammu and Kashmir has issued following procedure for registration of yatris through bankRead News

25, Dec 2015, by : FnF Corrospondent

Pope Francis led the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics into Christmas, urging those "intoxicated” by possessions and superficial appearances to return to the essential values of life. Read News

17, Nov 2015, by : FnF Desk

Bihar is witnessing the return of its natives in droves. A million migrants are back at their villages and towns over the past week or so to celebrate Chhath festival, the biggest community celebration, along with their families and relatives.Read News

22, Oct 2015, by : FnF Desk

In this ancient pilgrimage town of Himachal Pradesh, known for the 13th century old Lord Shiva temple, the effigy of demon king Ravana doesn't go up in flames on Dussehra.Read News

13, Sep 2015, by : FnF Correspondent

Thousands of seers and saints of Shaiva and Vaishnav sects took 'shahi snan' (royal bath) this morning in the sacred Kushavarta and Ramkunda ponds in Trimbakeshwar and Nashik on the second auspicious day of the ongoing Kumbh mela.Read News

22, Aug 2015, by : FnF Correspondent

One is the world's biggest religious congregation and the other is the most watched sports event in the world. However, if asked to identify the better organised event between the Kumbh Mela and the Fifa World Cup, which would you choose? Chances are you might go with the World Cup. However, Harvard University disagrees. Read News

22, Aug 2015, by : FnF Correspondent

Amid tight security, a fresh batch of 58 pilgrims today left for the cave shrine of Amarnath in the south Kashmir Himalayas.The batch comprising 32 men and 26 women left in two vehicles from Bhagwati Nagar base camp here at 4:45 AM, a police official said.Read News

05, Aug 2015, by : Mohammed Shafeeq

No pilgrimage to the world's richest Hindu temple is complete without the laddu, made from flour, sugar, ghee, oil, cardamom and dry fruits. The mouth-watering sweet is the most sought after prasad after prayers to Lord Venkateswara. Although the temple offers various types of 'prasad', the laddu is more popular among pilgrims.Read News

04, Aug 2015, by : FnF Correspondent

Amid tight security, the smallest batch so far comprising 303 pilgrims on Tuesday left for the cave shrine of Amarnath in south Kashmir Himalayas. The batch comprising 184 men, 65 women, three children and 51 sadhus left in a cavalcade of nine vehicles from Bhagwati Nagar base camp here at 4:35am, a police official said.Read News

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