Tuesday, Jun 19th 2018
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21, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Any attempts by Facebook to influence India's electoral process through undesirable means will not be tolerated, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Information and Technology said in a statement today.Read News

15, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

BJP's Mission 2019 got a major scare as the party received a stunning blow as it lost the prestigious Gorakhpur and Phulpur Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh to the Samajwadi Party, supported by the BSP, and Araria Lok Sabha to the RJD in Bihar.Read News

05, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

The National People's Party is all geared up to form a non-Congress government in Meghalaya with the support of three regional parties, the BJP and one Independent MLA. With this, the Bharatiya Janata Party has virtually conquered another state of which it will be a part of, even after securing mere two seats in the recently concluded polls. Read News

04, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

In late night meeting with Meghalaya Governor Ganga Prasad, the Congress has reportedly staked claims form government in the state. Many media houses earlier reported about the meeting between Congress leader and the Governor around at 10 pm.Read News

04, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

BJP managed to dislodge the Left after a 25-year rule, by winning 35 of the 60 seats in Tripura. In all, with the tally of its partner IPFT, the saffron surge was responsible for an incredible 43 seats. The BJP and NDPP alliance is going to form the next government in Nagaland.Read News

03, Mar 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Latest trends show the Left is ahead in 25 seats, while the BJP is leading in 34 in Tripura. In Meghalaya, the Congress is ahead in 21 seats, while the NPP leads in 15 and the BJP in six. In Nagaland, the NPF is leading in 32 seats, while the NDPP-BJP alliance is ahead in 24 seats. Read News

27, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Women voters in their colourful tribal attires were seen queueing up at polling stations across the state since morning and shops in the vicinity did brisk business. Read News

18, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Responding to queries on EVM malfunctioning at several places on the polling day, Sriram Taranikanti, Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura said, "There were technical glitches and we have had difficulty in about 3% of the total voting machines across the State. We have rectified the same and polling is going smoothRead News

04, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there has been a 180 per cent increase in the allocation for Karnataka after the BJP-led NDA government came to power in the Centre. The money, however, has not been passed on by the state's Congress government, he said. Read News

01, Feb 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

The ruling BJP on Thursday conceded defeat in Rajasthan, where the Congress won the Mandalgarh Assembly seat and was poised to grab the Ajmer and Alwar Lok Sabha seats. Read News

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