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18, Oct 2017, by : Fnf Desk

To brighten tired eyes, take two used tea bags, soak them in a little warm water, squeeze out the water and apply on the eyes like eye pads. Cotton wool soaked in rose water can also do the trick.Read News

17, Oct 2017, by : FnF Desk

Chromatin is a complex of DNA and proteins that forms chromosomes. "This is new information after our pervious finding that sleep duration has an inverse U-shaped association with semen volume and total sperm count. In the previous study, we found that these two semen parameters were hiRead News

16, Oct 2017, by : Fnf Desk

We list ways in which the humble and often discarded skin of banana can be used for various purposes, including skin care.Banana peels not only taste great but they are also high in potassium, protein and can even help lowering blood pressureRead News

16, Oct 2017, by : Fnf Desk

Study shows, fear of pain and bladder problems caused by hormone changes are the key reasons for women losing interest in getting intimate According to experts, typical decrease in sexual activity among women as they age is not because of fading interest in sex but rather the problem, predominantly, is physicaRead News

11, Oct 2017, by : FnF Desk

Findings suggest that long-held practice of reducing or stopping an epidural in later stages of labor could be "out of date and misguided.Read News

01, Oct 2017, by : Fnf Desk

There's a relationship fantasy that has nothing to do with getting physical. Rather, it's verbal. And the climax isn't orgasm; it's that ever-elusive concept of "closure."Read News

01, Oct 2017, by : Fnf Desk

Why is everyone raving about airport styles? Every photo gallery that you see, it's all about Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Gigi Hadid at the airportRead News

07, Jul 2017, by : FnF Desk

Indian women are 25 per cent more likely to order chocolate items online, reveals a research. Read News

25, Nov 2016, by : FnF Correspondent

Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, made from the heart of the agave plant, known as piñas, which are roasted in wood-fired pits. This roasting gives mezcal its signature smoky flavor. Read News

21, Aug 2016, by : FnF Desk

As more people are getting tattooed today than ever before, researchers warn that up to 5% of cases run the risk of contracting bacterial infections, especially if the tattooing is done in unhygienic settings. Read News

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