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26, Sep 2017, by : Fnf Desk

long been a fan of dropping literary references into business conversation. He quoted Nietzsche in an investor call. He's paraphrased Oscar Wilde in an employee memo. He's tweeted book lists that include Plato and Piaget, and shared insights about teamwork from a nonfiction tale of the rowing team that won the 1936 OlympicsRead News

12, Dec 2015, by : FnF Correspondent

Known for his works with political references, internationally-acclaimed artist LN Tallur has traversed around the globe to showcase his talent. He says debates over "intolerance" arise when people mix art and ideas with religion.Read News

24, Mar 2012, by : FnF Desk

She may have taken a 20-year break from the music business, but Katrina is back. The 34-year-old singer, who began her career on famous talent show Star Search, has spent time in the studio, recorded her debut album and is ready to pick up where she left off. She recently showed off her fantastic voice on a tour of the U.S. supporting rock band Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, and is currently enjoying radio play on both sides of the Atlantic.Read News

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Delhi Riots2020: Nero Fiddled While Rome Burnt

by : Priti Prakash

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. Exactly what happened on the 23 of February when the President of Uni...

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Massive Response to Naveen Patnaik's Appeal to Recite Bande Utkal Janani for Corona Warriors Affirms Fraternity and Creative Patriotism

by : Satya Narayan Sahu

On 28th May 2020 Odisha Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik made an appeal to Odias across the world ...

Conduct Rules for whom?

by : Rajeshwar Singal

This may sound like a dilemma, but it is not far from truth. Conduct Rules are meant to govern condu...

Food and Dissent: How food is related to sustainability and climate change

by : Sunita Narain

The idea of secularism is this very idea of India which respects the equality of all. Of course, wit...

Common Man and Judicial System

by : Ravi Kishore

Today every one is talking about judicial accountability i.e. how the whole system of judiciary is t...

India lacks political will to fight terrorism & corruption

by : Surya Mohan Dubey

Continuous deadly events happening every now and then prove that Indian Government has utterly faile...