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My Genuine Quest

By Sqandron Leader SM Dubey | PUBLISHED: 07, Nov 2010, 16:58 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Sep 2011, 16:31 pm IST

My Genuine Quest

With the advent of modern technologies, accomplishment of information, quest is a matter of just on few fingers.

The net of  these sources are in abundance.  But still what one needs has to be searched a lot. The NET being so densely webbed that one gets lost and does to get the desired result. I being in United States of America, my quest has alwayscentred around the people of India, with their challenges, with their complexes problems and their solutions, comments of various intellectuals, thinkers, philosophies, politicians of national and international status.

Though there are many popular daily news papers, latest news channels and other platforms that exist, but still my hunger, appetite  of search does not satisfy.  With these objectives I had to peep through many many news dailies, periodicals, radios and channelsand had to spend a lot of time.

Recently, during surfing  net and through Face Book platform, I came into contact with someone in India who referred to a site http://www.facenfacts.com to try.

Though the portal is in its infancy stage I am amazed to assume its potentials and the contents.  It encompasses all those areas which I had been looking for. Within few minutes it extinguishes all my quests which used to be unsatisfied despite my exhaustive efforts. I am able to view many dignitaries views and express my own. This special feature with its reviews is of more significance to evaluate its importance.

I sincerely express my high sense of gratitude and  request all readers to have a glimpse to recognise and acknowledge its worth and potentials.

With Best wishes.

Squadron Leader SM Dubey, Florida, USA