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Real Face of Today's Giant Rulers

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 22, Jun 2011, 13:01 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Sep 2011, 16:33 pm IST

Real Face of Today's Giant Rulers

India, at this crucial time, when corruption and terrorism are at highest peak and there appears no way to check this menace, we need a young, influencial, dynamic, courageous and patriotic leadership to crush and eliminate  enemies very active within the country and of course few isolated foreigners who have penetrated  into our country to  carry out cheap politics at higher hierarchy of governance apparatus. But, it is very difficult to answer as to who is that leader and which political party would be able to tackle present situation. Constitutionally answer though is easy. As it stands that who so ever party wins the majority  and the leader chosen by that  party. But, in today's changing philosophies of modern  environment and attitudes of governing apparatus, it is very very difficult puzzle to solve.  Who should be chosen and who should be elected and who should govern?
The country has silently and helplessly watched the fate meted out to Shri Annaji's voice against strong Lokpal Bill  and Shri Ramdev's justified demand against black money deposited in foreign banks. The cunning legal expertise with their talent and exposed objectives  have now come-up terming  them illegal in one or other pretext. Two drafts of Lokpal Bill. Difference of  opinions in its scope of jurisdiction as to who should be kept within and who should be kept out with best motives known to them with their vested interests. The fate and results are well known in advance that entire exercise is just an eye wash. Similarly lathi charge on innocent and ideal democratic supporters at Ramlila at midnight on sleeping women and children has been branded as illegal. Mere mockery and pity and images of British Raj were seen repeated. So should we then call this Indian blood or foreign thirst.
Present political party in majority combined and affiliated with number of various political objectives who had  different ideologies  and  their own vested interests  extended their support to derive powers of governance have  now shown their real faces. Number of scams which have just been exposed are itself enough to create indigestion among masses. However,  what about those which are yet to be uncovered and not yet got exposed? Sure those would result in colossal catastrophes in the country.

The recent  thunders of  scams depict our leaders real intentions and attitudes. Although few scapegoats are caught  and facing judicial custody and will go through legal process  and may escape, but those whose brain child it was, who were actually master minds behind and  enjoyed  lion shares of this loot are proudly dreaming to reign on the  the highest post of the country. Mr Digvijya Singh's recent recommendations of Mr Rahul's qualities depicts party's new move. Never know with their expertised dubious politics, he may reign too. But who is interested in country's well being? This is a big unsolved question hanging undecided and unknown specially taking into consideration the attitudes  of  existing political parties and their past records and deeds. All are best competitors in their fields possessing high qualities of abetting corruption.

The way Congress has dealt recent democratic  movements carried out by few social reformer/activists show their real face. Corruptions and terrorism are two main dragons. The hungers of these two giants would gulp every thing. PM is though clean, just and dynamic leader but is remotely controlled by originally a foreigner turned Indian leader blessed through dynastic process. It is very astonishing that  there is no dynamic leader or  people left in India who are hard core enemies of these two dragons and who can unite and bring a change.  It is said and often heard too that Almighty takes birth when crimes and sins, are high. Or when heaps of heinous activities start emerging and reach out of control. Of course history has witnessed such charisma and super human or dynamic leaders have taken birth and brought change.
No doubt that the time for change has come. The transition is imminent and inevitable. The  necessity of change of psyches of people have got registered in masses. The necessity of pollution free environment is essential. Time is not far when these selfish and self centered psyche of rulers would be crushed by people. There is no dearth of noble, able, pious people in our country and they still exist. Through this platform,  I call upon all countrymen to come out of parochial shell and do not get trapped by these dirty politics but raise your voice and throw them out democratically. Every spiritual group, Social organisation, social activists, non-governmental organisations and Aam Admis of noble characters need to be now active to accept the challenge to  elect and form a firm and just governance through democratic values. Recognising right choice of capable  people is very essential to take reign of the country.
It appears that in next elections, the real Democratic values would play vital role and their acumen would decide deserving leaders of future to make this country well competable to attain super powers at international level.