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Cruel manslaughter in Mubarak-era Egypt

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 08, Jul 2011, 18:51 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Jul 2011, 18:55 pm IST

Cruel manslaughter in Mubarak-era Egypt Cairo: An Egyptian prosecutor has charged 25 figures of the Mubarak regime with manslaughter, attempted murder and assault for their part in organising a February attack on anti-regime protesters in which assailants on horses and camels charged into crowds.

The incident is known in the media as " The battle of the Camel" and took place on the second of February when at least eight protestors died and more than 600 were injured.

On that day men on horse and camel backs charged into the Tahrir square where the protestors were camping and attacked them with whips and swords while the entire world was watching on news networks.

Those to stand trial included the speakers of both houses of parliament, member of the then-ruling party, ministers and businessmen. No date was given for the start of the trial.

Massive protests are expected in all major cities in Egypt today as people take to the streets for a Friday of purge.

Different political groups had separate requests to be expressed through the day's protests, but they are all united behind the call for swift justice, speedy trials for figures of the former regime and avenge for people who lost their life in the revolution.

Once again Tahrir is the Mecca for Egyptians once desperate for change today desperate for justice.

For the first time since Mubarak was ousted all political parties are backing the same demand: quick trials for officers who shot demonstrators during the revolution as well as figures of the former regime.

In addition to the absence of tangible change since the revolution, two main events triggered the protests: releasing seven police officers accused of shooting protestors on bail and the exoneration of four figures of the former regime including three ministers in cases of amassing wealth and illicit gaining.

People have already been camping in Tahrir square and main squares in different cities of Egypt. This time things seem to be more organised as organisers are wearing a uniform, there are tight plans for securing the squares and the youth of the revolution have decided to contribute to securing the ministry of the interior.

The ministry of the health is also preparing itself for possible injuries and emergencies meanwhile social network is vivid with calls for supplies needed for the medical units in the squares and points of gathering.

The political groups are calling for a reinstate of the sit in until the demands of the revolution are all actualized.

Islamist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood were the last groups to announce they were participating in today's demonstration but they will not take part in the sit in which is to follow.
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