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Dangerous Signals for Democracy in India

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 19, Aug 2011, 13:32 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Sep 2011, 16:33 pm IST

Dangerous Signals for Democracy in India The recent political developments in India are under wide scanner of the world. Entire world is closely monitoring  all recent developments in India and the way Indian Government is dealing with peaceful protesters. India being Super Democratic country of the world, is expected to  deal this democratic movement more wisely and maturely.The state of corruptions existing in India are beyond record alarming. Every single man is fed-up with this serious social evil and has no way to get away. The government whether with intention or without any vested interest does not appear to be serious in firmly dealing with culprits involved in corruption.
 As said that Democracy is "Of the people, For the people, & By the people" , the proverb has proven its reality on the ground. The power lies with the people. Government can not function against the WILL of people. The incapable and inefficient government could not take wise decision and did not decide as to how prudently to deal with  Civil Activists, Shri Anna Ji and his widely  announced  fast unto death. if Government did not come out with strong Lokpal Bill.  His protest for noble cause against corruption was well known that it has mass support, but Government neither took care of his democratic force nor addressed this vital issue wisely on national Independence day when Govt had wide platform to address this most wanted issue. The way Government made Shri Annaji to run pillar to post for seeking permission to conduct his peaceful protest 'FAST UNTO DEATH' was being watched by every citizen and most countries of the world. Government dealt with him so weirdly that no democratic government would do. Lastly, with Central Government's irresponsible attitude that Govt has nothing to do with Annaji's permission and the State Government is capable of dealing the situation,  was the worst signal to aam admi.
USA had smelled the crisis of the situation and therefore,had many times advised Indian Government in very sophisticated and diplomatic manners to deal with internal situation appropriately, but the Government did not take care. The arrest of Shri Annaji has fueled the ambers and the protests has now caught fire and would soon turn into flames. As the news is pouring in that protesters from all walks of life and from all the corners of the country have come on streets, signifies and amplifies nerve of the people. People are now awake and can not be taken for ride by the government.  Government should understand the delicacy and importance of the situation and should come out with strongest Lokpal Bill. Government's indecisiveness is making this situation more dangerous. Annaji's and his associates arrest and immediate release and again the plan of sending him away from Delhi to Annaji's native place would add fuel at this hour.
The situation is taking very serious turn. Before situation becomes out of control. Government should accede to the demand of the masses and should not only promise but with all sincerity prepare strong Lokpal Bill and pass it. Mere passing will not serve the purpose. Government should be sincere in checking corruption at any cost and should sincerely ensure hat bill's provisions are implemented by Govt itself with letter and spirit and also by those whose tendencies are to adopt corrupt practices.
Time has come when Government has to change its attitude and can no longer fool the public. Democracy is very powerful.  Power is not with the Government, in fact Government should in real terms understand that power lies with people. Before superpowers get chance to interfere in internal matter of human rights and take advantage of the situation, the Government should mend its attitude and satisfy people of India. Indians have to prove its democratic leadership and should not become a mockery before entire world. Democracy can not be crushed and should not be crushed the way it is being done in this case.
'CORRUPTION HAS NO PLACE' is to be proven by the people and governing bodies. If still Government is not taking right and immediate steps against this mass agitation, there would be colossal adverse results soon. Time is till there to save the country from chaos.