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Playboy twins are really cute with lovely round bottoms, Jodie Marsh says in CBBs house

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 09, Jan 2012, 13:55 pm IST | UPDATED: 09, Jan 2012, 13:55 pm IST

Playboy twins are really cute with lovely round bottoms, Jodie Marsh says in CBBs house London: Glamour model turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh put the Celebrity Big Brother housemates through their paces on a day full of tough tasks on tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 33-year-old gave the housemates a masterclass on how to strike the perfect pose and get the best out of their bodies- and gave her verdict on the group's figures.

And she appeared to take a particular shine to Karissa and Kristina Shannon, saying: 'The twins are so cute. They've got lovely big round bottoms.'

Jodie was enthusiastic as she entered the house, gasping: 'I'm just so happy to be in with you lot!'

A slightly nervous-looking Romeo murmured as she did so: 'Take it easy on us!'

The housemates were split into two groups, with MC Romeo and former Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas as team captains.

Jodie explained the task, which centered around her latest claim to fame, bodybuilding.

'I am a bodybuilder,' she began. 'You have to go on stage, and it's all very glamourous, there are very bright lights, and you have to show off your body. You also have to wear a special tan, as it actually shows off your body better.'

Jodie giggled in the diary room as the housemates prepared themselves, saying: 'People like Frankie, when they've got that tan on, are just going to look horrendous'

Kirk, on seeing the size of the shorts he was presented with in which to perform asked incredulously: 'Is it ok if I have balls on one side and penis the other?'

After changing into miniscule gold costumes and receiving bandanas in the colour of their team, the housemates were ready to start the task.

According to the Daily Mail, the first challenge of the day was down a high-protein breakfast of six raw eggs, with the first person to finish winning a five-second advantage in a later task.

The housemates were provided with sick buckets in case they were overwhelmed by the challenge.

Romeo chose Natalie to represent the red team 'because she hasn't had breakfast yet, and I reckon she's hungry and ready to go'.

Marsh then made Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa go head to head in the next challenge where they competed in a red carpet bleep test.

The gold faced glamour girls raced back and forth up the carpet pulling a pose for a paparazzi camera at either end with the winner again being given a five second advantage in the ultimate task.

The final challenge saw one member from each team climb a pair of 60ft tall ladders.
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