Hookers sell sex at Travelodge

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PUBLISHED: May 27, 2012, 14:41 pm IST | UPDATED: May 27, 2012, 14:41 pm
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Hookers sell sex at Travelodge London: Hookers are selling sex for £60 at the top floor of a Travelodge — as innocent guests sleep unaware beneath them. The European vice girls advertise their services on an adult website, the Sun.co.uk reported.

Punters are told to phone from an Asda car park outside the eight-storey budget hotel. They are then directed to a lift away from the busy reception area and bar.

The women have rooms close to each other but have trouble communicating with clients because their English is so poor. We sent an undercover Sun team to the hotel in Feltham, West London. A Hungarian girl calling herself Mia took a reporter to a room two floors down and asked for £60 for half an hour.

She did not understand when our man asked what he would get for his money and put him on the phone to her pimp. He insisted: “She will give you a good service.”

The reporter was then offered sex with or without a condom. He said he had to leave, but Mia did not return the money.

A girl described on the website as 27-year-old Monik, bi-curious with 40FF breasts, said £60 bought a “full service” — or that she could visit a home or hotel.

As soon as our reporter was in the room she clawed at his shirt buttons. A third prostitute, who said she was from Palermo in Italy, stripped to her undies immediately and poured our man a drink.

None of the reporters took up offers of sex in the undercover investigation which our team filmed.

A Travelodge statement last night said: “When this matter was brought to our attention we immediately contacted the police and increased security at the hotel. We will take legal action against this company and their employees will be barred from using any of our hotels.”
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