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Olympic judo champion Kayla Harrison looks worse for wear

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 09, Aug 2012, 19:09 pm IST | UPDATED: 09, Aug 2012, 19:09 pm IST

Olympic judo champion Kayla Harrison looks worse for wear London: She's the judo champion to took home the first gold medal in the sport for the USA at the London 2012 Olympics.So who could blame winner Kayla Harrison for going all out when it came to celebrating her win with a night out on town at celebrity favourite nightclub, Mahiki.

According to the Daily Mail report, the 22-year-old sportswoman looked slightly worse for wear as she called it a night after what appeared to be a particularly heavy evening out.

Wearing a billowing white top and black shorts, Kayla was lead out of the nightspot by a male friend, who attempted to cover her face from the waiting photographers as the group got into a waiting taxi cab.

Following her Olympic victory, judoka Kayla had decided to top her outfit off with the best accessory of all - her gleaming gold medal. Kayla appeared to be having fun earlier in the evening as she was pictured inside the club, grinning widely as she was congratulated on her win by fellow clubgoers.

At one point, Kayla appeared to lose her footing slightly as she attempted a large stride off a step while apparently making her way off the step and onto the dancefloor in the venue.

Kayla took home the gold on August 2nd, following her final contest against Britain's Gemma Gibbons in the in the women's under 78kg division.

Her win came after an incredibly difficult few years, following her revelation that she was sexually abused by her youth club coach.

However, instead of giving in to her initial decision to quit the sport entirely, Kayla decided to use her story as inspiration for those suffering the same abuse to take a stand against it.

After the gold medal win, Kayla said: 'It's made me kind of just reflect back on my life. Everything it's taken to get here, and everything that I've gone through. 'I'm America's first gold medalist in judo and always will be.'
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