Amanda Peet join impressive list of 'The Good Wife' guest stars

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PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2012, 12:46 pm IST | UPDATED: Nov 06, 2012, 12:46 pm
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Amanda Peet join impressive list of 'The Good Wife' guest stars  LA: 'The Good Wife' star Josh Charles, who made his directorial debut with Sunday night's episode, says he found the experience "a little nerve-wracking," especially considering the number of big-name guest stars taking part.

Amanda Peet and Brian Dennehy joined recurring guests stars Nathan Lane, Maura Tierney, Denis O'Hare and Kristin Chenoweth in the episode, the sixth in the current season.

"The cast just became phenomenal," Charles told Entertainment Weekly. "It was a little nerve-wracking going into it just thinking wow, this is a lot of talent that's being assembled here for this 42 minutes of television. I've learned no matter how much you prepare, there's always a moment of just like, 'Okay, hope I don't [expletive] it up.' I've certainly experienced it as an actor, and I've experienced it for the first time as a director."

Charles, who plays attorney Will Gardner on the show, said he was supposed to direct last season but the plans fell through. Then show creators Robert and Michelle King suggested he do this episode.

"The Good Wife," which is set in Chicago but filmed in New York sound studios, is known for its impressive list of guest stars. They have included Michael J. Fox, Kate Burton, Leelee Sobieski, America Ferrera, Ana Gasteyer, Matthew Perry, Sarah Silverman, Mamie Gummer, Rita Wilson, Martha Plimpton, David Paymer Anika Noni Rose, Parker Posey, F. Murray Abraham, Amy Serdaris and Elizabeth Reaser.

T.R. Knight, Stockard Channing and Christina Ricci are scheduled to appear later this season.
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