150 volunteers poses naked for 'Day Of The Dead' in Mexico village

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PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2012, 15:13 pm IST | UPDATED: Nov 06, 2012, 15:13 pm
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150 volunteers poses naked for 'Day Of The Dead' in Mexico village Mexico: OI, what’s all this eerie? If you in-spectre this gaggle of ghosts you can see they’re naked under their veils.

According to the Sun.co.uk report, US photographer Spencer Tunick got 150 volunteers to pose in the ghoul-together to mark a Day Of The Dead at the village of Los Senderos, Mexico.

It’s a time when families remember loved ones who have passed on — so maybe he thought this might lift their spirits.

Spencer, 45 — pictured, right, directing his subjects with a loud-hailer — has been snapping starkers crowds for ten years and once got 1,800 nudes in a football stadium.

But, even by his standards, this was quite a spooktackle.

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