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Charlotte Dawson exposes sideboob when wind blows up jacket

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 01, Jul 2013, 17:05 pm IST | UPDATED: 01, Jul 2013, 17:05 pm IST

Charlotte Dawson exposes sideboob when wind blows up jacket London: Charlotte Dawson is used to laughing thanks to late comedy legend dad Les.And it's a good job the model was in high spirits as she enjoyed a shopping trip - when the wind blew aside her jacket to expose her bare breasts.

According to the report, Busty brunette Charlotte was spotted in Liverpool indulging in a touch of lingerie shopping when the wardrobe malfunction occurred.

But luckily for Charlotte the design of her backless bodysuit teamed with skintight disco pants kept her assets firmly in place.

The more eagled-eyed amongst you may notice that Charlotte bears a striking resemblance to another babe - Essex girl Amy Childs.

The girls are real dead ringers with sizzling curves, voluminous hair and striking eyes. Separated at birth anyone?
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