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Delhi boy Tushar Lakhanpal writes Guinness record with pencil collection

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 19, Oct 2015, 19:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 20, Oct 2015, 15:08 pm IST

Delhi boy Tushar Lakhanpal writes Guinness record with pencil collection New Delhi: An impressive collection of more than 19,000 lead pencils of different shapes and sizes will get a Delhi youngster into the Guinness World Records.

Tushar Lakhanpal, 17, has a collection of 19,824 pencils from more than 40 countries across the world.

London-based office of the Guinness World Records has approved the entry after a count as per its strict norms, including full video recording, still photography and certification by a representative of a pencil manufacturing company, a government official and a senior person from public life.

Tushar, a student of Class 12 in Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, will get the certificate once a formal approval is received from the Guinness.

“I have been collecting pencils since I was 3. I used to put away pencils that I received as gifts and was particular in collecting pencils of different kinds. This habit soon turned into a passionate hobby, which was encouraged by my family and friends,” said Tushar.

Uruguayan Emilio Arenas is the current holder of the Guinness record with a collection of 16,260 lead pencils.

“He has amassed over 14,000 pencils in varying shapes and sizes from over 40 countries. His collection includes pencils of various sizes, the smallest being 3 centimetres as well as a pencil that is 8 feet 3 inches long. Clutch pencils, colour pencils, scented pencils, pencils with different caps and figures, wooden pencils, handmade paper pencils, recycled newspaper pencils are all a part of his impressive and fascinating collection,” said his mother Vandan Lakhanpal, a social worker.

Tushar’s collection has been featured in the Limca Book of Records in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

The youngster said his impressive pencil collection included spoon-shaped, studded pencils, thermometer pencils, a 24-carat gold designer pencil and many more.

He also has a variety of Swarovski-studded pencils. There are two others that were once used by the Queen of England. “These two are the most precious and close to my heart in my collection,” said the Class 12 student.

Tushar loves to share extra pencils from his collection with children from all walks of life, who treasure them.

He now plans to open a pencil museum, which would be the second in the world after the one in the UK, for schoolchildren to see his impressive collection.