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Delhi: Three Expressions (Poem)

By Pradeep Biswal | PUBLISHED: 11, Mar 2011, 17:25 pm IST | UPDATED: 13, Mar 2011, 9:07 am IST


A naked youth
Stoning the street lights
One after the other
On the Ring Road...
If we ask his identity
What would he say ?
Possible he would nod:
I am Karl Marx-II


From the maimed
Vaginal passage
Of a raped virgin
One hears
The obscene laughter
Of a drunkard.
Strong fly overs
Are being built, against accidents,
But, themselves accidents
Gradually look so common,
So accidental.


The Empress desires
And the whole of the capital city
Celebrates the royal birthday
Of an elephant cub
Named Appu
Some unknown hungry child
Prays and pines
Before God
To be an Appu
In the next birth
Victory be to the Empress,
Victory be to Appu,
And victory be to God.

-Translated by Haraprasad Paricha Patnaik

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