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Through Paag Bachao Abiyan in Delhi, Dr Birbal Jha gave clarion call for 'Paag for All'

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, Feb 2016, 17:51 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Feb 2016, 17:53 pm IST

Through Paag Bachao Abiyan in Delhi, Dr Birbal Jha gave clarion call for 'Paag for All' New Delhi: Such spectacle is rarely seen in the National Capital, Delhi, when an ocean of people could be seen marching on the road with their heads covered with ethnic Mithila Paag that is identified something like a cap, a pagg, a pagdi, a turban etc as worn by people belonging to several social and religious communities.

The centuries-old tradition of covering head with Paag by Maithils in Mithila got bolstered when Mithilalok, a Delhi-based organization committed to social, cultural and economic development of Mithila formally launched Paag Bachao Abhiyan (Save the Paag Campaign) this evening from Rajendra Bhavan, nearby ITO, Delhi.

The event also saw splendid display of Mithila culture through sonorous songs and music in Mathili by the famous singer Vikash Jha and his troupe.

Dr Birbal Jha, renowned author and educationist who made his niche in education and skilling sector, is the chairman of Mithilalok and brain behind this campaign. With some modifications taking into account its grip strength and adaptability among new users, a new look Paag was made available to invitees and the audience who had gathered here in massive number to become witnesses to saga of unfolding their living with Mithila Paag.

After welcoming the guests and the august gathering of Maithils, Dr Jha explained that Paag doesn’t only protect your head but also carries with it the value of Maithils’ izzat (prestige and dignity). If every Maithil irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age-group, gender and nationality pledges to wear it, it will be taken as symbol for our strength and unity, paving the way for a resurgent Mithila which has, till today, remained one of the most backward regions in India despite its being a hub of cultural and intellectual pursuits.

The Cultural Revolution through Paag will herald a new era for social and economic growth of Maithils and Mithila. Dr Jha also talked about his plan to spearhead this campaign by taking Rath Yatra and traversing all districts that fall within the Mithila region in the State of Bihar.

'Growing cultural awareness and Maithil to Maithil interaction will bring about drastic changes,’ Dr Jha said, adding, ‘it will help in augmenting growth in business and trade in Mithila and solving Maithils’ problems.’

Dr Jha calls on Maithils belonging to different castes and creed that they should at least keep one Paag at their homes because ‘Paag stands for all of us and we should show no hesitation in wearing and keeping it as a normal headgear.

Guests who attended the cultural gathering applauded Mr Jha’s attempt to revive Mithila culture through the paag and all of them agreed that it was a belated attempt to advance the cause of Mithila. 

Sanjay Jha , former MLC from Bihar and a popular leader, while speaking on the occasion, explained that this effort will go in the long way to establish Maithili culture. Paag is the symbol of our identity, Mr Sanjay Jha told. Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra told that she felt elated to be felicitated in Delhi for being a Maithil.

The event saw everyone, guests and invitee wearing paag. They also held march on the road and pledged to do everything for preserving the identity of Mithila culture.
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