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Google Doodle celebrates 90th birth anniversary of cartoonist Mario Miranda

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 02, May 2016, 9:42 am IST | UPDATED: 03, May 2016, 10:58 am IST

Google Doodle celebrates 90th birth anniversary of cartoonist Mario Miranda New Delhi: Tech gaint Google on Monday celebrated the 90th birth anniversary of renowned cartoonist Mario Miranda, best known for his works published in The Times of India and the Illustrated Weekly of India.

Miranda, who passed away in December 2011, authored several pictorial travelogues on some of the most famous cities in the world including Lisbon and London. His illustrated book on the history of Goa co-authored with Manohar Mulgaonkar made him one of the biggest proponents of illustration.

Miranda was also conferred India’s highest civilian awards – the Padma Shri in 1988 and the Padma Bhushan in 2002.

In Goa, Mario’s hometown, his friend and curator of the Mario Gallery Gerard da Cunha, will mark the occasion with the release of a book titled The Life of Mario -1949. The book is the latest in a series, which include ‘1950’ and ‘1951’.

Speaking ahead of its release, Gerard shared Mario’s approach to life with The Indian Express, saying he was not much of an eater or drinker, but he used to spend time in taverns and eateries so he could observe people.

“He was fond of good food, and red wine, but he had everything in moderation. He observed people everywhere — the post office, the bus stop, weddings, eateries — he was a master at documenting social life.” “I remember him telling me about this old Goan restaurant run by a man who had come back from Angola. It served dishes influenced by the Portuguese. Of course, it is no longer there now,” Gerard recalls.

For today’s doodle, Google invited cartoonist Aaron Renier to best depict the legend.

“I approached Mario’s work by pretending I was drawing with him,” says Renier. “I chose his most popular style, very flat with criss-crossing interactions.” In this homage to Miranda, we see a rich litany of people, each unique in their perspective. “That is what I liked most about his work,” Renier explains, “trying to pick out who knows who, who’s watching who, who’s annoyed by who, who’s enamored by who. Hopefully people will see something of (Miranda’s) spirit in it,” Renier says in a statement released by Google.
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