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Korean Cultural Centre, India Organized Dream Project 2016

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 22, Jul 2016, 19:53 pm IST | UPDATED: 22, Jul 2016, 21:04 pm IST

Korean Cultural Centre, India Organized Dream Project 2016 New Delhi: Korean Cultural Centre, India in collaboration with Korean National University of Arts and Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized ‘Dream Project 2016’ at KCCI, Lajpat Nagar. Aspiring young Indian musicians are learning Piano, Violin and Vocal by five expert students Hwang Junyoung, Seo Yaeeun, Kang Seunghyun, Kim Bora and Nam Gi jun - who have come from Korean National University of Arts to impart their skills. They are teaching the selected 18 students from NCR. More than 70 students came for registration and after rigorous selection process 18 made their way to the learning process. Best students will perform on 22nd July 16.
This Dream Project was first started in 2013 to promote music and cater to the musical needs of Indian music lovers. The project is an inspiring project that helps aspiring music students discover and pursue their passion.
Tejas Mittal, Deep Chaterjee, Sparsh Bajpai, Sevizo Rupreo and Mohit Khushwani were given special awards for their performance. Other students who participates were Ojas Mittal, Joy Chatterjee, Nipun Malhotra, Gauri Misra, Rajneesh Vohra, Harshit Verma, Sahil Vasudeva, Vaibhav Jassal,  Bharti Gupta, Siimar Leen Kaur, Abhijeet Kumar Tiwari, and Siimar Leen Kaur.

Mr. Kim Kum Pyoung, director, Korean Cultural Centre-India, emphasizing on the importance of music said 'Music is a language so universally understood and appreciated that it can move peoples heart even if they are across oceans.' He further said that the project is an exchange programme that will forge a strong cultural bridge between India and Korea, as well as it is an initiative taken for students for the learning of music skills.
Hwang Junyoung said, 'Students are talented and curious for learning. They are crazy for music and this craziness will take them far in this profession'.

Kim Bora said that during this phase a very deep relation was built with students. The classes are going to be over but the learning will continue.
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