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Air pollution claims a life in every 23 seconds in India

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 17, Sep 2016, 16:57 pm IST | UPDATED: 17, Sep 2016, 17:03 pm IST

Air pollution claims a life in every 23 seconds in India NEW DELHI: 1.4 million people in India die pre-maturely due to air pollution, which is one life lost every 23 seconds, says a report of the World Health Organisation.

Come 2030 and the fuels we use today would have made the air so toxic with pollutants that it would be close to impossible to live and move without oxygen kit as a permanent burden and part of lifestyle, says the report.

The grim future is highlighted in a video 'Time Bomb' made by Hawa Badlo, an independent people's movement, and supported by GAIL (India) Limited.

The video gives a sneak peak into the pollution-driven calamity that awaits us in 2030 and shows - What the world would be like if we do not switch to clean fuels today.

The campaign aims to make people aware of the fact that India is sitting on ticking time bomb named pollution and if we delay in reforming fuel use, we are bound to reach a point of no return.

The fuels we use today emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter that pollute the environment.

While the use of fuels cannot be stopped, we can definitely switch to cleaner alternatives like natural gas, which emit less harmful particulate matter in the atmosphere and is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

Fuels like CNG, PNG are lighter on pocket and on the lungs too.

Advocating the use of cleaner alternatives, Vandana Chanana, spokesperson, GAIL (India) Limited, says "Natural Gas are easily available, cheaper and emit less harmful oxides and almost zero particulate matter in the air. This ensures low level of air pollution and, most importantly, does not harm people's health."

Nipun Arora, founder, Hawa Badlo said "Time Bomb is a warning for all of us about how 2030 India would look if pollution is not stopped right away. We are becoming selfish. We want to lead a luxurious life. We want big cars, big houses and everything big. While owing a big car is not a fault, but not running it on cleaner alternatives is. What appears to be a comfort now would turn to be a collective regret for the entire humankind in the near future." "We should start the use of natural gas and gift our future generation a cleaner, greener and smarter India," said Indranil Das, spokesperson for Hawa Badlo, GAIL (India) Limited.
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