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Uttarakhand elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi's speech

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 12, Feb 2017, 13:56 pm IST | UPDATED: 12, Feb 2017, 14:02 pm IST

Uttarakhand elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi's speech New Delhi: Uttarakhand elections 2017: With the Uttarakhand elections heating up, the protagonists have raised the pitch of their exhortations against each other to new levels. PM Narendra Modi, for whom even winning the small state Uttarakhand polls is crucial to ensure a big majority in the Rajya Sabha in Parliament to be more effective in getting laws passed and thereby nullifying the Congress, has highlighted how ineffective and corrupt the Congress regimes have been over the years.

PM Modi also needs to show the public that his political charisma and aura as a man who can get things done in a notoriously slow Indian political system in the wake of setbacks during the last Bihar elections. However, he is facing a resurgent and crafty Congress government led by Chief Minister Harish Rawat who has the full backing of Rahul Gandhi, and as such prime minister is making sure that he does not backpedal at all while making his speeches – he has been as fiery as possible to make his points, which have been from governance, law and order maintenance and more.

But Rawat has been able to successfully battle back all efforts during his rule to dethrone him even after a large chunk of his MLAs had joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and it took a court order to restore his government. Today, PM Narendra Modi’s speech reflected that trend. Check out top 10 points he spoke about today:

1. After thanking a number of party karyakartas, Narendra Modi exhorted the huge gathering to repeat after him, ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’. He and the audience repeated it twice before PM Modi began his speech with the important role women play in the family and society. PM Modi said that he is amazed at the number of people who have come to hear him speak here in Srinagar, which is a hilly area where travelling is such a problem.

He also asked the gathering for their blessing. Presenting his outlook on how the election results are going to play out in advance, PM Modi added, “12 March ko aaj jo sarkaar hai wo bhootpurva ban jayegi, jo nateejey aayenge wo abhootpurva ho jayenge.” (‘On 12th March, the current govt is going to become a thing of the past, the results that will come will become past too).

2. PM Modi then held out the BJP governments’ in Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand role in firing-up development. He then asked why has Uttarakhand been relegated to the fringes of economic development. He asked the gathered crowd to name the party responsible for this sad state of affairs.

The public responded by duly naming the Congress. PM then made the point, that the only way things will change is for a BJP govt to be ushered into party. PM Modi said, “We have to change the fate of Uttarakhand. And that can only be done by the BJP.

3. Saying that the Uttarakhand public should not listen to the false promises made by the Congress and SP, PM Modi said, “Uttarakhand mein bhi Samajwadi Party aur Congress, parde ke peeche aapke sath khel khel rahe hain.” He hinted that not the people of the state, the Congress and SP were only looking to promote the interests of their supporters and that they would neglect teh rest.

4. Laying out the BJP developmental agenda, PM Modi highlighted what was the top priority for him and how his government, if elected in the state, would look to kick-start the state’s economic engine. PM Modi said, “Paryatan ki har vyavastha ko praathamikta dena chahte hain.

Kendra mein aapne mujhe bithaya hai mai bhi apni zimmewari nibhaunga.” (‘I will give topmost priority to progress and change to ensure a total transformation of the state’s economy. You have made me sit at the Centre and I will ensure that I carry out my responsibility fully.)

5. Saying that he has a number of infrastructural plans for the state in mind, PM Modi said he has come to the public to be given a chance to implement his vision for the state that is currently being neglected. PM Modi said, “We want Uttarakhand to be connected with the entire country with all-weather roads.

We have allotted Rs 12,000 crore for Char Dham.” He added, ” Brothers and sisters, Uttarakhand can be a developed state. But for that, what is required is truth, honesty, and dedication. I will keep working for the poor.” (Bhaiyo-Beheno, Uttarakhand ka vikaas ho sakta hai, sachchai chahiye, samarpan chahiye, imaandaari chahiye.’)

6. PM Modi added, that this fight is not likely to ever end. Invoking his humble days during his childhood when he was a mere tea seller, PM Modi said, “What can these people do to this common tea-seller. They will keep bad-mouthing me and repeating lies.

However, I will not be deterred from implementing my vision for the country. ” PM added, “For 70-years these powerful people looted the nation, they think what can this chai wala do? They are very powerful people.” (Jisko pad (position) mila usne lootne ka mauka nahi chhora. Iss Devbhoomi ko loot-bhoomi bana diya. Camera pe len-den karte pakde gaye.’)

7. Bringing up the controversial One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, PM Modi took the Congress to task for playing with the lives of the ex-servicemen by failing to implement this scheme for decades. He said, “Congress didn’t even note difficulties our ex-servicemen faced. They made a joke out of OROP, it was implemented once we assumed office.”

8. Also bringing up his demonetisation order that had banned the Rs 500 and Rs 2000 currency notes in order to fight black money as well as to promote digital payments in the country, PM Modi flayed the criticism of the move by the Opposition. He said, “Some still haven’t come to senses after Demonetisation. They can say things, call me names but I don’t mind I will fight and work for poor.”

9. On Pakistan’s attacks and the subsequent surgical strikes that he ordered, PM Modi said that times have changed, a new government has come at the Centre and the Army will not tolerate attacks anymore.

(‘Waqt badal chuka hai, Delhi mein sarkar badal chuki hai. Mere desh ka fauji ab waar nahi sahega, wo pratiwaar karega.) Referring to the controversy started by the Opposition about providing proof of the strikes, PM asked, “Why do our politicians need a proof of our army’s valour?” PM continued, “Before even Pakistan could speak about the surgical strikes, people here started questioning the government and asked me ‘Modi Ji, where is the proof.” (Surgical strike ke be baad Pakistan bole usse pehle hamare logon ne bolna chalu kardia ke Modi Ji saboot kya hai?’)

10. Concluding on a strong note, PM indicated his own popularity across India and how the people have put on him the responsibility of getting them their do. He said, “But I have the blessings of 1.25 crore people of India and hence this chai-wala is able to fight these people (who looted the country).”
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