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Minna Canth, Google Doodle celebrates birth anniversary of feminist icon

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 19, Mar 2017, 15:52 pm IST | UPDATED: 20, Mar 2017, 14:18 pm IST

Minna Canth, Google Doodle celebrates birth anniversary of feminist icon New Delhi: Today's Google Doodle is a celebration of Finnish feminist icon and author-activist Minna Canth's 137 birth anniversary.

She was born as Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnsson on March 19, 1844 in Finland's Tampere city at a time when Europe was undergoing a drastic social change.

Her views, which advocated the realisation of a woman's freedom of expression and aspirations, were considered too radical and controversial at that time.

Canth, whose birth anniversary is celebrated as the day of social equality in Finland, was also among the first female journalists in the world.

She initially used to edit and write for 'Keski-Suomi' and eventually started her own newspaper 'Wapaita Aatteita' with fellow journalist August Makela.

Through her literary works, Canth constantly pushed and campaigned for workers' rights and feminism. She also wrote a famous play 'Tyomiehen Vaimo', which was about an alcoholic man who wastes his wife's money and property.
Despite being controversial, the play was effective as the Finnish government subsequently passed a new law about the separation of property.

It was due to Canth's activism and literary works that Finland became the first European nation to give its women the right to vote in 1906.

A year later, it became the first country in the world to elect women to its parliament.

Canth, who is considered an icon globally, raised seven children after the death of her husband in 1879 while managing her family's cloth business and developing her writing skills.

She is also the first woman to receive her own flag day in Finland.
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