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Happy Mother's Day 2017: Google celebrating 'motherhood' with its animated Doodle

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 14, May 2017, 6:54 am IST | UPDATED: 15, May 2017, 13:41 pm IST

Happy Mother's Day 2017: Google celebrating 'motherhood' with its animated Doodle New Delhi: Tech giant Google today is celebrating Mother's day 2017 by dedicating a special doodle to all the mothers.

Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. It is the day specially dedicated to the woman who devotes all her life for the well-being of her child and in return for this selfless love from her, she expects nothing.

Google represents the celebration of 'motherhood' through its animated doodle and has honoured all the sacrifices' a mother makes for her child.

The Google Doodle is a series of story of a pregnant cactus and her journey as a mother from giving birth to her baby cacti, to taking care of it and finally living a settled life with the grown up babies.

The six different gif images show the various stages every mother has gone through during her motherhood. The first image shows a pregnancy cactus waiting to give birth and eager to take on the responsibility.

The second gif image shows the process of watering the plant which represents mothers breastfeeding their kids.

The third, fourth and fifth gifs show the journey of the child (the cacti) growing up under the mother's love and guidance and finally ends with a happy cacti family held together by the main character of the house, the mother.

Though there is no doubt about it that every day can be celebrated as mother's day. But this day is an important occasion that gives us an opportunity to thank for all that she has done for us and to make her feel special and loved.

As we grow up, we tend to become so busy and occupied with our fast growing life that we often forget her and give less time to her. We forget that she is the reason behind our growth and success.

From learning how to speak till our first job interview, from learning how to walk till driving a car, from having first crush till first heartbreak she has always been with us in some or the other way.

She is indeed a blessing and the best gift given to us by god. No matter what we do for her, nothing can match her selfless love and care.

So, go and tell your mother what she means to you and Happy Mother's Day to all the super moms in the world!
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