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Kailash Kher's special gift to fans on his birthday

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 07, Jul 2017, 12:38 pm IST | UPDATED: 09, Jul 2017, 17:33 pm IST

Kailash Kher's special gift to fans on his birthday Mumbai: On his 44th birthday today, singer Kailash Kher is set to release the video of his single, Bhole Chale. The song released exactly a year ago.

The Padma Shri recipient says the video, which will be launched digitally today, is a gift for his fans. "It's a present for all music lovers and millions of bhakts of Lord Shiva. The song is about devotion and belief that can turn our imagination into reality," the singer tells mid-day.

It took Kher a year to come up with the video. He reasons, "Nowadays, people finish an entire film in two months, but it took me a year to develop the video. That's because I wanted it to happen organically. I wanted to experience the magic of Lord Shiva, travel and put the video together."

Sharing the experience of meeting Lord Shiva devotees while putting the video together, Kher says, "I had travelled to Rishikesh, where I met a nomad who had a really long moustache.

He wore an angry look on his face and didn't talk to anyone. But the moment I sang a line of Bhole Chale to him, woh khilkhilake hasaa (he laughed wholeheartedly). I was touched that I could bring a smile on someone's face. It was Lord Shiva's magic."
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