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Padmavati: Decoding Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor's Costumes

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 10, Oct 2017, 15:29 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Oct 2017, 15:47 pm IST

Padmavati: Decoding Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor's Costumes Anyone who has seen the first trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali'sPadmavati will agree that the three central characters, played by Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, look absolutely stunning. From Deepika's heavy jewellery and exquisite costumes as Rani Padmini to Ranveer's Turkish-inspired robes and kohl-rimmed eyes as Alauddin Khilji to Shahid Kapoor's traditional Rajput look, the look of the film is spectacular. Designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula worked on Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid's costumes and told news agency IANS: "Working in tandem with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's vision, we immersed ourselves in the history of that particular period during the initial sessions in which he took us through the script and the characterisations. It is an extremely challenging task to envision and design garments."

Here's a detailed account of the challenging task set by Padmavati designer Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Rimple and Harpreet Narula.

Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini:

"You would find many Sri Lankan influences in Padmavati's attire," Harpreet told IANS.

When the first character poster of Deepika Padukone released on social media, the actress' unibrow created quite a stir. After the trailer of Padmavati released on Monday, it was Deepika'sbindi placement which amused the Internet. But both features are in fact quite integral to the overall look of the "the Sinhalese princess who became a Rajput queen." Rimple said: "To get the nitty-gritty of the styling and drapes of the period correct, we turned to old miniature paintings, murals and frescoes as well as regular visits to the Jaipur and Calico museums to get the touch and feel right."
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