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Here are ways banana peel can be used

By Fnf Desk | PUBLISHED: 16, Oct 2017, 12:17 pm IST | UPDATED: 16, Oct 2017, 12:24 pm IST

Here are ways banana peel can be used

Delhi: The banana is undoubtedly one of the more popular fruits that is consumed around the world.

They not only taste great but they are also high in potassium, protein and can even help lowering blood pressure.

However, according to a story published in The Independent, Wise Bread, a US-based financial advice website says that one can also use bananas in their beauty routine, help grow plants, polish silver and much more.

While bananas can be used for making amazing banoffee pies and banana breads, here are a few uses for the usually discarded banana peel:

One of the most interesting ways to recycle banana peel is to use it on the teeth. By rubbing the peel over the teeth for just a few minutes before brushing, one can achieve whiter, brighter smile within a few weeks.

Banana peel also helps in eliminating acne and even wrinkles. This is because the vitamins and minerals they contain help soothe inflamed and irritated skin while simultaneously tightening the skin as well. Simply rubbing over the peel on the skin helps start the process in a few days.

Even dislodging a painful splinter becomes easier with a banana skin. The enzymes in banana skin help dislodging splinters and help speed up the healing process as well.

Also, banana peel is a great cure for headaches. Popping one in the refrigerator and then placing it on the forehead helps.

They also make great fertilisers. Dried banana peel make for wonderful fertiliser for home grown plants.

They can also be used to polish shoes, leather and even silverware.

And while most throw away the banana peel, it can actually be eaten too! It helps in providing to the body much needed fibre, vitamin C and vitamin D among other nutrients.