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Not a single Gujarati can be found seeking employment in any other state of India, claims PM Modi

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 05, Dec 2017, 18:42 pm IST | UPDATED: 05, Dec 2017, 19:55 pm IST

Not a single Gujarati can be found seeking employment in any other state of India, claims PM Modi Jamnagar: Claiming that not a single Gujarati can be found seeking employment in any other state of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing an election gathering in Jamnagar on Monday evening said that “laghu-bharats” can be seen in the cities of Gujarat where people from other parts of the country have come seeking jobs.

“Ever since the BJP government has taken charge in Gujarat, the state has be number one in creating jobs. They (the Congress party) cannot digest this. Go to any corner of the country and ask if any Gujarati has come there seeking employment. You won’t find a single person,” said Modi while addressing a gathering at exhibition grounds in the city.

“But go to any corner of Gujarat, there won’t be a single state from. where people have not come seeking employment. Even in Jamnagar there is a laghu Bharat (Mini-India). Go to ankleshwar, Vapi, Gandhidham, you will get people from all the states there. But in no corner of India will you find a Gujarati who has gone for labour or employment,” the Prime Minister said blaming the Congress for not creating enough employment opportunities in other states that were in power in the past. The lack of opportunity, Modi said, forced youngsters from other states to leave their aged parents at home and migrate looking for job opportunities.

“If the Congress had the slightest interest in serving the people or fulfilling their promises after assuming power, they would not have been ushered out of Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand, Manipur, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Look at any corner of the country, the people have decided not to allow the Congress to return back to power,” Modi said.

Talking about the LED scheme, PM Modi said that through the scheme he has enabled an estimated Rs 14000 crore to reach the pocket of the poor. He said also said that more nine crore youths have taken more than Rs 4 lakh crore as loan without any guarantee for start-ups under the Mudra Yojana.

Claiming that the grand-old party of India has always stood against the interests of Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said people of Gujarat can never accept the Congress as the morals and character of the state are not in-sync. “In one of my recent public meetings at Navsari, I had forecasted the results of three elections that were about to happen in the country… The civic polls in Uttar Pradesh, the state assembly polls in Gujarat and the elections for the Congress President… All the three forecasts are going to be 1000 percent true. We already know about two of them — the President of Congress party has been decided and Uttar Pradesh has done wonders, where Congress has been completely wiped out … They didn’t even open their account,” Modi told the gathering where candidates representing the BJP on seven seats of both Jamnagar and Dev Bhoomi Dwarka districts were present.

“In Uttar Pradesh, that has given several Prime Ministers to the nation in the past, the Congress party gets wiped out; in Amreli and Rai Bareli where the (Gandhi) family exerts a lot of influence, there too people turned their faces away (in civic polls). This is however, Gujarat,” Modi said indicating that Congress stood no chance of carving out a victory in a state that is considered to be a fortress for the BJP.

Recounting history, Modi told the gathering how Gujarat has never accepted the Congress party. “Congress should remember history, that Gujarat has time and again raised it’s voice against the Congress… The morals, character and values of public life in the state of Gujarat are not in sync with the Congress party. And so Gujarat can never accept the Congress party,” he added while addressing the last of the four public meetings held during the day.

Comparing the reconstruction work undertaken under his leadership in Gujarat after the 2001 earthquake in Kutch, Modi impressed upon the crowd how the impact of natural disasters were “still visible” in places like Latur, Kedarnath, Kashmir and Odisha. “The BJP government has taken Gujarat out of the shadows of Kutch earthquake and put it on a fast-track to progress,” Modi said adding that the BJP in Gujarat has already shown how wonderful results can be achieved by “a government that is able, alert, dedicated, committed towards development and sensitive to the needs of the people.”

He asked the audience, “Will the people like a government that stands besides them in times of calamity? Won’t you like a government that stands by you in good and bad times?” The audience replied in positive to these questions.

Talking about how he has reduced prices of medicines, Modi asked the crowd, “You tell me. If I reduce the prices of medicines, stents and other essentials used in an operation, won’t they get angry? Won’t they try to malign Modi? Won’t they make accusations against Modi? Won’t they try to finish off Modi politically?” As the crowd responded in the positive, Modi said, “It is you who have to decide if the “paap-leela” should be allowed to continue in the country or strengthen the hands of Modi and bring an end to it… Gujarat has elected me and sent me (to Delhi) to stop such people who are looting the poor of this country. So I need your blessings (in upcoming elections in Gujarat).

“If you want to rid the country of corruption, black money, if you want to take the nation on the path of development, improve the future of the youth, if you want the peace and security of your family, then brothers and sisters Modi stands for you,” he remarked asking the audience to vote BJP to power and help it win 151 seats in Gujarat.
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