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Train 18 rolls out today! 20 mind-blowing facts about Indian Railways engine-less Shatabdi killer

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, Oct 2018, 18:30 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, Nov 2018, 20:14 pm IST

Train 18 rolls out today! 20 mind-blowing facts about Indian Railways engine-less Shatabdi killer

New Delhi: Train 18, Indian Railways’ first 160 kmph capable self-propelled train set, rolls out today! Made in just 18 months, Train 18 is an engine-less train set that will replace the Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi – India’s fastest – next year. The 16 coach fully AC train set has been manufactured at ICF Chennai under the ‘make in india’ initiative at a cost of Rs 100 crore. So what does the engine-less Train 18 offer to passengers? Here are 20 mind-blowing facts about Train 18:

1. Train 18 has an aerodynamic driver cabin at each end. The entire set operates as a computer unit; the various equipment of Train 18 “talk to each other digitally” says ICF GM Sudhanshu Mani.

2. It has a colour scheme of white and blue by ICF – a first for Indian Railways. It gives the look and feel of a world-class bullet train!

3. Train 18 has centrally operated automatic doors with sliding footsteps to bridge gap between platform and train. The coach entry area also has automatic sliding doors with optical sensors.

4. There are two Executive Chair cars with comfortable European-style seats in golden coloured fabric. The fabric is dust and fire resistant. The headrests are pink and purple.

5. A unique feature of the executive chair car seats is that they can be rotated 180 degrees to face fellow passengers.

6. Train 18 has aircraft-like diffused LED lighting which can brightened or dimmed depending on the time of the day. Each seat also has personalised reading lights.

7. The aisle seats have handles next to the headrest to allow passengers to hold them for easy movement within the coaches.

8. Train 18 has aircraft-like bio-vacuum toilets for efficient flushing. Touch-free sensor-based fittings have been used for optimal consumption of water.

9. The mini pantry in each coach of Train 18 has world-class imported equipment for better heating of food and chilling of cold drinks and juices.

10. In yet another first, Train 18 has fully sealed gangways for easy movement between coaches. This also means more effective air-conditioning and keeps coaches dust free

11. The non-executive chair car has seats in the usual 3+2 configuration. These European-style seats have a leather-like covering with graded colouring of purple and pink. The middle table area of the coach now has foldable snack tables attached to it. This closes the gap between the seat and the table, making it easier to eat food.

12. Instead of aircraft-like reclining system where you push the back support, passengers need to push forward the seat below, hence creating a reclining posture. The feature does not reduce the space available to the passenger sitting behind you. In case of executive chair cars, this can be done with a button.

13. Train 18 will offer onboard WiFi which will allow passengers to play preloaded content on their personal devices. There are mobile and device charging points next to each seat.

14. Train 18 has continuous windows for panoramic passenger viewing experience. The windows also have touch-based push up/down blinds.

15. Train 18 has two GPS-enabled information screens at each end of the coach that will keep you informed about the next destination, time of arrival and the speed.

16. It has spacious cushioned luggage racks and toilet occupancy indicators.

17. Train 18 is disabled-friendly! The driver cabins allow for wheelchairs to be rolled in from each end of the train and the trailing coach area next to the driver cabin has space to park wheelchairs. The toilets in this coach are also disabled-friendly.

18. The propulsion system and other equipment is under-slung leaving the entire space on board for passengers. With no locomotives required to haul it, the driver cab coach also has passenger seats.

19. The propulsion system and rigid couplings in the bogie mean jerk free rides with faster acceleration and deceleration. The overall journey time will be cut by at least 15%.

20. Train 18 makes use of regenerative braking, making it more energy efficient. Train 18 will have no power cars or diesel-based locomotives, hence the carbon footprint would also be lower.

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