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4 Diwali Gifts For The Tech Lover

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 06, Nov 2018, 11:59 am IST | UPDATED: 06, Nov 2018, 12:00 pm IST

4 Diwali Gifts For The Tech Lover DESK FnF: If you have a gadget geek among your family and friends, you'll know that gifting them can be a laborious task. With the tech industry evolving every week, finding a useful gift that they will love can be tricky...until now, that is. This Diwali take a look at our gift guide for the tech lover to find that coveted present that they are sure to adore.

1. Kindle E-Book Reader

If yours is a bookworm, the Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) is a smart choice. It cuts out the need to lug around books by holding thousands of them; which new ones can be added to constantly. It also has an adjustable light for day or night and numerous features like enhanced searching and sharing to make reading more enjoyable. This brand new Kindle Paperwhite is its thinnest ever (and lighter than many paperback books!), has twice the storage and is waterproof. It is available for Rs 12999.

2. Philips Starter Kit

Smart lighting is the latest way technology has entered our homes; which techies are thrilled about. The Philips Hue Starter Kit, containing 3 bulbs and a bridge, will change home lighting forever. Their colours, patterns and timings can be set with the Philips app or the sound of your voice with your smart speaker. It is available for Rs 11700 from Rs 19995.

3. Amazon Echo Plus

Now here's a gadget that can be gifted, irrespective of how young or old the techie is. The Amazon Echo Plus runs on voice controls to play music, call a cab, order food, read the news and many more skills on its new speakers which are powered by Dolby. It also has a built-in smart hub to seamlessly connect to smart devices in the house. It is available for Rs 14999.

4. Carriall Smart Bag

Now this is a backpack unlike any other. The Carriall Vasco backpack has a wireless Bluetooth system and anti-theft mechanism which tells you if it's outside its range. It is also waterproof, anti-scratch, shockproof and has numerous pockets with an organizer for a laptop and tablet. It is available for Rs 4999 from Rs 5999.