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WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature coming soon to Android users

By Desk FnF | PUBLISHED: 14, Jan 2019, 18:31 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, Jan 2019, 18:31 pm IST

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature coming soon to Android users

New Delhi: WhatsApp is working on a fingerprint unlock technology that would make the chat app more private and secure. While the end-to-end encryption secures your chat at the back-end, the fingerprint unlock is a feature that will make your chat more private and secure at the front-end.

WABetaInfo, a site that keeps a close eye on all the beta updates of WhatsApp, reports that WhatsApp is working on a fingerprint unlock technology for the app. This feature, when available, would require users to authenticate themselves using the iPhone FaceID and Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp. The feature would lock the entire app and not just any specific chats. The security feature would be needed even if the iPhone is kept unlocked. The feature has no specific timeline when it will be released but it is surely under works.

Now there is a report that the fingerprint unlock functionality is coming to Android users soon. The details of the feature found in WhatsApp 2.19.3 beta version that has been submitted to the Google Play store have surfaced online. The feature will allow users to unlock WhatsApp and all the chats inside it using the same fingerprint scanner that you will use to unlock the phone.
The report explains that the Android users will receive the fingerprint unlock feature as a new section in their app. The fingerprint feature can be enabled from this section. To access the fingerprint unlock feature, WhatsApp users will have to go into Privacy settings and then check the Authentication box. Once the Authentication has been enabled, even if your phone is unlocked no one will be able to read your chats without you unlocking the app by using your fingerprint. Once the fingerprint authentication is enabled, you will have to unlock the app every time you open it by clicking on its notification, or on its icon.

As a backup method, WhatsApp users can also use the phone's PIN to unlock the app. This PIN can be used to unlock the app every time you want to read a chat or what to start a chat. The feature will work on Android phones that have a fingerprint scanner and run Android Marshmallow software or a newer version of Android.

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