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Mayawati woos muslims in birthday address, attacks BJP for unleashing CBI on ally Akhilesh Yadav

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Jan 2019, 14:01 pm IST | UPDATED: 16, Jan 2019, 16:06 pm IST

Mayawati woos muslims in birthday address, attacks BJP for unleashing CBI on ally Akhilesh Yadav Lucknow: On the occasion of her 63rd birthday, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati took a step towards garnering Muslim votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, as she pitched for increased representation of the community in government jobs and reservation based on economic status.

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said on Tuesday, “There was a time when Muslims had almost 33% representation in government jobs but today, it has come down to merely 2-3 per cent. They are also being targeted as was seen in the recent past when there was an issue related to offering Friday prayers.”

Interestingly, Mayawati’s new political partner Akhilesh Yadav has been hesitant in openly addressing the issues related to Muslims. This was seen as part of a strategy to counter the claims of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that the SP was a party of Muslims. Last year during the holy month of Ramzan, guidelines were allegedly issued to party workers not to put posters of Yadav with a skull cap or congratulating the Muslim community on the occasion.

Political analysts see Mayawati’s move as a step to garner Muslim votes ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as the community accounts for about 20 per cent population in the state and can play a decisive role in elections.

Mayawati, on her 63rd birthday, said her biggest gift would be for workers of BSP and SP to put their past bitterness behind and ensure victory in Uttar Pradesh in the national election, as India's largest state will also decide who will be the next prime minister. "This year my birthday is being celebrated very close to the Lok Sabha elections. SP and BSP have put aside their interests to oust BJP from UP." Urging both party leaders to forget past differences in the interest of the country, the UP supremo continued, "this will be the best birthday gift for me."

Shedding light over the decision of consciously excluding the Congress from the alliance for the upcoming General Elections, Mayawati said that the Congress has ruled for the longest in the history of the country, but has failed to live to the expectations of the people. The poor, backward classes and the minorities, she said, have not got their due in terms of development. 

" Even though Congress assured a victory this time, fingers are already being raised over the Congress govt in three states over farm loan waivers. The big question is why the farm loan waiver cut offs have been set to nine months ago. Also these governments are only waiving loans up to Rs. 2 lakh and this will not help farmers in any manner," Mayawati said.

Launching a scathing attack on the BJP, Mayawati accused the government of betraying the people of the country--may it be the farmers, the poor or the students -- as the govt failed to fulfill any of the promises. "PM Modi makes tall promises in his rallies, but just like every other time, we believe that this time too, all the promises will be shelved."

"There should be a proper mechanism for defence purchases to avoid fiascos like Bofors and Rafale," she said. Attacking the BJP over the prevailing law and order situation in the country, she said agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation were being misused. "A fine example in front of you is SP chief Akhilesh Yadav," she added.

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