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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suffers memory loss in shocking turn of events

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 14, Feb 2019, 16:42 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, Feb 2019, 19:45 pm IST

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suffers memory loss in shocking turn of events

Mumbai: Naira picks up the car keys and gets ready to meet Kartik at the designated place. Her family doesn't stop her but hopes she recovers from the shock soon. Naira is disturbed with flashback of the past events that includes Kartik handing over Keerti's child to her and Keerti waking up from coma and demanding her child back. Kartik has reached the park and is worried about Naira's reaction. He hopes to settle their differences and start life anew.

Naksh takes care of little Krish and Keerti asks if he's also feeling guilty like her. Naksh says that more than guilty he's feeling fearful for an unknown reason. He tells his wife that he is not able to shake off a nagging feeling that something bad is about to happen. Keerti says that the worst has already happened, while Naksh feels there are more disastrous things in store.

Naira reaches the park and parks her car. Kartik finally notices Naira heading in his direction and wonders what's on her mind. The two come face to face and look at each other's faces for a few moments. Kartik then apologises for creating havoc in her life and wishes she forgives him. Tears start streaming down Naira's eyes and she's about to say something.
Just then a speeding truck comes from the opposite direction. The driver is injured and he is not able to control it. The truck is about to hit Naira and Kartik. And then the crowd gathers. The onlookers help Kartik rise to his feet. He gets up and starts looking for Naira frantically. He gets informed that someone has been hit by the truck. He is not able to have a glimpse at the person because of the crowd. Suddenly, he sees Naira in the crowd. He gets happy on seeing her and calls her name. He screams Naira again, but there is no response. Kartik is surprised with Naira's bahaviour but she keep moving in an indefinite direction.

Naira reaches a mosque and the holy man asks her what's her problem. She breaks down and tells him that she doesn't remember anything about herself. She doesn't know what her name is, where she has come from and where she has to go. The holy man ties a thread around her wrist and asks few women to take care of her. He suggests Naira to go to the nearest police station. Kartik also reaches the mosque but is unable to see Naira because of sea of faces.

Naira comes out of the mosque and starts walking again. Kartik is still looking for Naira.