Wednesday, Jun 19th 2019
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BJP website hacked, Narendra Modi memes added with Bohemian

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 05, Mar 2019, 14:12 pm IST | UPDATED: 05, Mar 2019, 14:14 pm IST

BJP website hacked, Narendra Modi memes added with Bohemian

Delhi: Multiple social media users reported on Tuesday that the Bharatiya Janata Party's website was hacked, and shared screenshots of an unflattering meme featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

That meme pokes fun at clip in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel walks past the prime minister as he extends his hand, expecting her to shake it.

A caption above the meme said, in abusive language: "Brothers and sisters, I've fooled all of you. Brothers and sisters, we've fooled all of you. More to come! Many, many congratulations!"
Below the meme was a music video of Bohemian Rhapsody.

The BJP website was down at the time when this story was last updated. The party has not yet issued a statement on its official Twitter account.

The Congress could not resist taking a swipe at its arch-rival. "If you’re not looking at the BJP website right now -- you’re missing out," said Divya Spandana, head of social media for the main opposition party.

A leading daily reported last month that the website of the Chhattisgarh BJP was hacked, and that images of the Pakistani flag and army -- as well as "war-mongering messages" -- were uploaded on its home page.

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