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New Zealand Terror Attack: Accused Smiles in court after being charged with murder Big News

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 16, Mar 2019, 11:09 am IST | UPDATED: 16, Mar 2019, 11:09 am IST

New Zealand Terror Attack: Accused Smiles in court after being charged with murder Big News Delhi: Australian born right-wing extremist Brenton Tarrant who filmed himself rampaging through two mosques in the Christchurch city of New Zealand on Friday afternoon appeared in the court on the charge of murder earlier today. Australian-born 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant appeared in the dock wearing handcuffs and a white prison shirt, sitting impassively as the judge read a single murder charge against him. A raft of further charges is expected against the 28-year-old terrorist. According to a report by news agency AFP, the former fitness instructor and self-professed fascist occasionally turned to look at media present in court during the brief hearing that was held behind closed doors for security reasons.

The accused smirked when media persons photographed him during the hearing and was seen making the white power gesture. He did not request bail and was taken into custody until his next court appearance scheduled for April 5.
Brenton has been accused of killing as many as 49 people and injuring many on March 15 when he opened fire at a mosque in Christchurch city of New Zealand. Forty-two people are still being treated in hospital for injuries, including a four-year-old child after an attack thought to be the deadliest directed against Muslims in the West in modern times.

Outside the court, guarded by heavily armed police in body armour, the sons of 71-year-old Afghan man Daoud Nabi demanded justice. “It's outrageous, the feeling is outrageous," he was quoted as saying by the news agency. According to the New Zealand Prime Minister, the victims were from across the Muslim world, with Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia among the countries rendering consular assistance.

One Saudi citizen was killed and another wounded, according to Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television news channel. At least two Jordanians were among the dead, according to that country's foreign minister, while Pakistan foreign ministry spokesman Mohammed Faisal said five citizens of his country were missing.

The suspect documented his radicalisation and two years of preparations in a lengthy, meandering and conspiracy filled far-right "manifesto". He live-streamed footage of himself going room-to-room, victim to victim, shooting the wounded from close range as they struggled to crawl away in the main Christchurch mosque.

Two other people remain in custody, although their link to the attack is unknown. A third person who was earlier arrested was said to be a member of the public with a firearm who was trying to help. Two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found in a car and neutralised by the military, while police raided a home in Dunedin, where Ardern said the suspect was based. Tributes to the victims poured in from around the world.
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