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Nirav Modi again denied bail; 'He threatened to kill witness' claims CPS lawyer

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 30, Mar 2019, 11:19 am IST | UPDATED: 30, Mar 2019, 11:19 am IST

Nirav Modi again denied bail; 'He threatened to kill witness' claims CPS lawyer Delhi: UK’s Westminster Magistrates’ court on Friday once again denied bail to fugitive Nirav Modi, who is the kingpin in multi-billion Punjab National Bank fraud case, despite his defence team vehemently trying to establish his close ties to the UK, including having to care for a pet dog.

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuth not declined the bail application of the 48-year-old prime accused in the USD 1-2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud case on the grounds that he did pose a "substantial" flight risk and that he lacked "community ties" with the UK.
Threatened to kill: 
Before this, the lawyer who was appearing on behalf of India, while presenting his case said that Diamantaire Modi should not be granted bail as there are chances he would flee again. He also claimed that Modi had threatened to kill the people who appeared as witness in the fraud and money laundering cases.

CPS told the judge, there is a high chance that there is a high possibility that the prime accused of Punjab National Bank fraud can flee and can tamper the evidence.

While giving examples pertaining to Modi, CPS said “Modi called and threatened to kill witness Ashish Laad and offered Rs 20 lakh in lieu of giving false statement in the court”.

He told the court that Modi tried to get citizenship of countries, from where it would be difficult for Indian authorities to get him extradited. He further claimed that Modi tried to get citizenship of Vanuatu in the end of 2017 for $2 lakh, but his request was denied because of the ongoing case against him.
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