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India must make decisions independently in its best interest, China on 5G and Indo Pacific

By Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: 03, Jul 2019, 22:40 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, Jul 2019, 10:20 am IST

India must make decisions independently in its best interest, China on 5G and Indo Pacific  New Delhi: 'Indian government must make decisions in the best interest of the country independently and that Huawei will best faciliatate India’s realization of dream of becoming a digital economy,' Ms Yang Yanyi, a Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the 13th CPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) National Committee, heading a visiting high-level Chinese delegation, espoused the entry of the Chinese IT company in the Indian market amidst a raging ban by US on the digital platform.

Yang said, 'to raise the competitiveness, economic strength of india, it would be in the best interest to have an open and inclusive approach to cooperation and also working closely with those who have the best technology and cooperation should not be exclusive. Huawei enjoys cutting edge tech.' She warned, 'We need to guard against the attempt of some forces on the world of the west. Some of them could not stomach the fact that developing countries can also accept this science, technology and innovation.... China will never give in to black mail, intimidation and coercion and will defend its interests, will uphold free trade and international rules and order for common good.'

'Huawei employes more than 8000 people in its India outlet. It’s a huge boost to employment, job and trading. Don’t just over react to Huawei, see for urself,' said Mr Zhu Feng, a veteran expert on international relations and Director of the Institute of International Studies, Nanjing University, who was part of the high-level delegation.

Interacting with journalists of Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents, on the question of Indo Pacific and Quad construct Yang said that the Asia pacific and Indian ocean region should not be viewed as contiguous territorial spaces but as closely integrated and interconnected region and also this is a region of dialogue and cooperation instead of rivalry and confrontation.

'I have full confidence that Indian government will take independent decisions for the best interests of Indian people for common interest of us all.' She emphasised, 'China has built a full fledged and high standard Indo Pacific league framework in the short period of time compared to decades of the developed countries setting up the similar system.'

As US China trade war intensifies, Yang hit hard at American trade policy saying it was more protectionist and harming the US more than China. Yang said, 'the hard truth is that the US has benefitted enormously from growth and economic opportunities generated by China.' Yang said that the key to resolving the ill of US is healing from within and setting its own house in order.

'Real reason behind the trade and hi tech war is political, commercial n technological. China holds a big dollar reserve. 1/3 of a billion Chinese students study in US. America’s growing concern is some sort of security consequences. Chinese speak of sophisticated manufacturing, high technology and US knows sooner or later china will catch up. So American approach to China’s trade is critical n strategical,' Professor Zhu said.

China believes that US’s withdrawl from the Paris agreement, UNESCO and other multilateral institutions is not only damaging the US's international credibility and reputation but also weakening global collective effort to tackle transnational challenges.

Hailing India's role Yang said, 'India China are major players in the shaping up of multilateral and a mulitipolar world. It is fully appreciated that India’s engagement with the world is routed in its civilizational ethos which has at its heart co exitance, pluralism, openness, dialogue and democratic values and India is unwavering in its belief in multilateralism and always sees that it not only speaks for itself but also for the cause of justice opportunity and prosperity around the world. We look forward to staying in close communication and strengthening cooperation with india in regional and international organisations like the UN, G20, BRICS and China India Russia mechanism and making concerted efforts in addressing climate change, terrorism, food and energy, security, eradication of poverty and work for just and equitable international order. Cooperation is better than conflict and dialogue better than confrontation.'

On a question on how does China talk of rule of order considering its activities in South China Sea, Prof Zhu asserted, 'World politics is not rule based, its power based. There's a kind of military muscle flexing by the US. US sees SCS as a great power gaming. By showing military presence they can scare china off, they think.'

'China has all ability to challenge American predominance. 2 big Asian giants (India and China) seen together is a challenge to western dominated order, Zhu said. 'You can make your own choice. Relations should not be serving 2 people but the world. If India could play an independent role,' he said for India.

The take of the Chinese delegation on the issue of Dalai Lama was that it was their bilateral issue and that Dalai Lama cannot hide his hidden agenda. The issue of Dalai Lama’s incarnation will be decided by the central govt and some religious procedures and that he should give up his separatist activities.

Regarding many nations being in debt trap of Belt and Road Initiative, Yang attributed it to factors like economic funadmentals, historic debt packages, changing international economic environment like rising protectionism, interest rates hike in some advanced economies and appreciation of major reserves currencies and plummting commodity prices.

Yang further emphasised that china on the other hand is helping address the bottleneck that is holding back many countrys' development. She said some countries may face defficulties in repaying debts and we understand their condition and don’t press down hard on them and when they encounter difficulties we have bilateral consultations with them and take flexible measures. She said 'last year China announced that debt incurred by some African companies in the form of interest rates etc were exempted.'  

On CPEC the former diplomat and the current committee member of Foreign Affairs of the 13th CPCC, Yang, said, 'the issue of CPEC is a historical leftover between India and Pakistan and that it should be addressed by the 2 countires through talks.'

On US sanctions on Iran Yang believed that the sanctions on Iran are having ramifications and consquences. 'Iran is important for energy security of India and China, it is one of the largest suppliers of crude. The sanctions have disrupted supplies and this has huge economic costs for India and China. Relevant officials have been in touch and we are working together to enhance cooperation in the energy sector.'
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