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Gur chana: Immunity booster to ideal post

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Nov 2019, 19:41 pm IST | UPDATED: 17, Nov 2019, 20:28 pm IST

Gur chana: Immunity booster to ideal post Delhi: t won’t come as a surprise for many that dadi ma and nani ma’s nuskas (age-old cures) for health and well-being still work wonders. Remember gur channa? The mix of roasted chickpeas and gur (jaggery) is a powerhouse of protein and carbohydrates that can help one recover from not just Pollution -related ailments but can also help boost immunity and prevent tooth decay.

The zinc in both jaggery and chickpeas is said to improve skin health which helps add glow to the face.

1. Roasted grams are beneficial in treating respiratory diseases. All you need to do is consume roasted chana before sleeping at night and drink a glass of hot milk after it.

2. Consuming gur chana boots the body’s immunity, which in turns helps reduce fat.

3. Menstruating women should consume the mix to make up for the loss of blood from the body as jaggery is a rich source of iron and chickpeas are rich in protein.

4. It is also believed that regular consumption of gur chana helps sharpen memory due to the presence of vitamin B6.

5. Gur chana is the ideal post-workout snack as it helps increase the body’s energy levels.

6. Regular consumption of gur chana helps prevent tooth decay as it has high phosphorus content.

7. If you experience frequent urination, then the consumption of roasted chickpeas with jaggery is known to be useful.

8. Consuming roasted chickpeas regularly is said to build the body’s immunity, keeping diseases at bay.

Soak a handful of chickpeas in a glass of water overnight.

Take the chickpeas out of water and eat them on an empty stomach with a small piece of jaggery. Make sure to chew on the mixture slowly.

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