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Dalai Lama: World Needs Indian Values Of Non-violence

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 26, Nov 2019, 17:56 pm IST | UPDATED: 26, Nov 2019, 17:58 pm IST

Dalai Lama: World Needs Indian Values Of Non-violence Delhi: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Saturday said the world needs ancient Indian values of non-violence and compassion.

The global peace icon was speaking to reporters ahead of the three-day Global Buddhist Congregation being held in Maharashtra's Aurangabad city.
Non-violence and compassion are helping people of many religions in India to live with peace and mutual respect, he said.

"We can see conflicts everywhere. Whenever I hear about such conflicts, it pains me. At this moment, the world can live in peace if they follow values of compassion and non-violence," Dalai Lama said.

Speaking about idealogical differences, he said, "These philosophical differences are there, but tolerance is needed to live peacefully. If the community is happy, then an individual will be happy."

Western education is more material oriented. India should follow this system, but also start reviving its ancient knowledge, he said.

Dr Babsaheb Ambedkar started social reforms in 1956.

This act of Dr Ambedkar was a strong step towards annihilation of caste system, which is India's drawback, the spiritual leader said.

"I always call myself as a son of India. Journalists from China questioned me about this. I said, though I am Tibetan physically, I have spent 60 years of my life in India.

My mind is full of thoughts of Nalanda," he said.
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