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Let the Dragon-Elephant Tango begin with culture and art, says Sun Weidong, Chinese envoy at Oriental Arts Group performance

By Priti | PUBLISHED: 14, Jan 2020, 17:11 pm IST | UPDATED: 18, Jan 2020, 11:39 am IST

Let the Dragon-Elephant Tango begin with culture and art, says Sun Weidong, Chinese envoy at Oriental Arts Group performance New Delhi: As China celebrates Happy Chinese New Year 2020 and the Spring Festival, the Indian music and art lovers were treated with an outstanding performances by  China Oriental Performing Arts Group visiting New Delhi at Siri Fort last week. The group visited India after 20 years.  

The Splendor of China, the dance poem, demonstrated diverse colors of China, its elegance and its magnificence. Selecting the essence from traditional Chinese culture of 5000 years, the dance show integrated profound Chinese spirit, aiming to present a ritual nation from the perspective of Chinese people and a colorful nation from the angle of the world. The programme aimed at sharing Chinese people's desire for friendship, peace, prosperity and happiness with the Inidan people. The only performance by the national group in india left a lasting memory on the audience.

The show was graced by Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong and MP from Rajya Sabha Narendra Jadhav. Speaking at the event Chinese Ambassador said, ''I hope this cultural feast could help you learn more about China and come to love Chinese culture. '

He said, ''If China and India were two dancers, then China-India relationship is perhaps like a tango. The leaders of our two countries, during their informal meetings, have set the tone that China and India present important opportunities to each other, and both sides should help each other to accomplish respective goals and brighten up each other.''
''As the world's largest developing countries and emerging economies, China and India would be in the limelight of the world if our two countries can realize “Dragon-Elephant Tango” and engage in win-win cooperation. It would make the world a more dynamic  and prosperous place with more certainty.

''As two ancient civilizations with long histories, if China and India can realize “Dragon-Elephant Tango” and conduct exchanges in culture and arts, it would certainly facilitate mutual learning among civilizations and make the garden of human civilizations more colorful.

''It takes two to tango and the key to a good dance is all about mutual trust. We should follow the strategic guidance of our two leaders, strengthen strategic communication, and enhance political mutual trust, so that the consensus reached by the two sides can be transmitted to all levels of society and translated into tangible actions.

''It takes practice to dance the tango. The tacit understanding and coordination between the two dancers is indispensable. I am confident that as long as China and India always bear in mind the overall picture and long term interests, strive to shape bilateral ties and properly handle differences through dialogue and consultation, we certainly have the wisdom and capacity to blaze a new path for the two large neighbors to enjoy peaceful coexistence and common development.

''The Chinese lunar Year of the Rat will arrive in two weeks. In Chinese culture, the rat represents intelligence and vitality, while in Indian culture, it is the mount of God Ganesh and represents wisdom and talent.''

The highligh of the performances were dance poems Beauty of Oriental Roses, The appeal of China, An intoxicated Moonlight Night,The Wnders of Traditional Chineese Medicines, Rainbow: Elegance of Peking Opera, The Rabbit Invites the Moon.
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