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Harsh Vardhan Shringla assumes charge as Foreign Secretary, defines his role as that of a service provider to the people of India

By Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: 29, Jan 2020, 20:37 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Jan 2020, 20:46 pm IST

Harsh Vardhan Shringla assumes charge as Foreign Secretary, defines his role as that of a service provider to the people of India New Delhi: As Harsh Vardhan Shringla takes charge as the new Foreign Secretary, 33rd in number, after Vijay Keshav Gokhale, he defined his new role as someone who will work for the security and prosperity of India emphasising his duty as a service provider for people of his country.

In a statement released on taking charge at the MEA he said, ''It is both an honour as well as a humbling experience for me to take charge as Foreign Secretary of India. I am conscious I am stepping into the shoes of many distinguished seniors and stalwarts who have occupied this office in the past. I am proud to serve in the MEA, alongside my colleagues who are amongst the finest, dedicated professionals serving the nation. I remain as passionate about the Ministry and its role in our nation building as I did as a young probationer.

''The primary objective of the MEA and the IFS is to advance our national interests across the world and serve the people of India, wherever they may be. We are service providers to our citizens and our people, whether at home or abroad. Enhancing the security and prosperity of India through external ties and the well-being of all Indians, wherever they may be, is our mission statement.

''As Foreign Secretary, I look forward to working with India’s many partners in the international system – in enhancing developmental and economic linkages, as well as connectivities, with our neighbours; building synergies with major powers; seeking a shared, undifferentiated and unambiguous approach to terrorism and the threat it poses to free societies; and sustaining the gains of a rules-based multilateral order.

''Sharing the Indian developmental experience with countries of the global south, especially with our friends in Africa and Latin America, will continue to be a priority. I look forward to the opening of new missions and the inauguration of new initiatives.

''I entered the Foreign Service during the Cold War and I am entering the Foreign Secretary’s office at a time when global warming has become a pressing concern. Several other recent opportunities and challenges related to the cyber domain and emerging technologies will also receive our attention. The MEA fully appreciates the critical nature of these issues for our country and planet.

''Under the overall guidance of the Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister, I will strive to provide the basis for a dynamic and responsive diplomacy, one that is alive to the requirements of a new India.''
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