Monday, May 25th 2020
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Impact of Delhi election results on Indian Politics

By Dr. Sanjay Kumar | PUBLISHED: 14, Feb 2020, 10:26 am IST | UPDATED: 14, Feb 2020, 10:26 am IST

Impact of Delhi election results on Indian Politics
What to say about Delhi verdict? As predicted by me on 8th evening, almost same thing  happened with some exceptions. AAP getting 62 and BJP 8, I do feel it's repercussions for the forthcoming W.B and U.P elections due in two years. But of course sans Bihar due in 2020 itself.
Anyone but sane won't think in that fashion. But I do. It's a huge Himalayan message by Delhi, bigger than the previous one; not in numbers but in essence. For those who acknowledge it to be another election must be careful in their analysis. For me, this verdict has left an indelible impression on the mindset of voters at large across India. Please don't call me AAP chauvinist. Just a humble student of 'Politics' and nothing more than that. 
Politics is an art and science of 'possible'. None could, even in his wild imagination, think of such political googly in Delhi election. Daring Modi-Sah jodi at the centre stage is not a fool's game. Kejriwal made such an spinning turf that everyone stuck into it. The turf of Shaheen bagh proved very costly for BJP. As opined by me on 8th, here are my assumptions for future politics of India.
1. Politics is a full time job. There is no holiday. Kejriwal did it that way. He thought out diligently for Delhi problems. Up against Gujrat model, there must be an alternative model called Delhi model, which must be different in essence and content. We are on the verge of emulating the Delhi model as an alternative in other states of the country. Terming and tagging it 'freebies' politics is just like shutting one's eyes. This freebie politics, if it is,  is altogether different in essence.
2. The communal turf is bound to lessen down in coming days. The heterogeneous character of our culture is ample enough to check mate any singular but nefarious design of politics. You can't do anything against people sitting on dharna peacefully. That's why the 'Gandhian strategy' of active resistance is still the most robust and trustworthy tool of opposition. 
3. 'State' is not something to impose about. In stead it must be something to hear about. BJP would certainly try to calibrate it's tune accordingly. If it happens politics would certainly be the victorious one. Thus the idea of 'nation state' would get new hopes and aspirations. The aim of building a caring and sharing society would shape up accordingly. 
4. Last but not the least, 'Habermas concept of public sphere' is also taking it's shape. Even Newton's third law is also working to its maximum. The constitutional aspirations and operations of 'disagreement as ethos' will certainly see it's light generated. The design of conditioning our mind to a particular kind of beliefs would fall flat. 
The character of democratic vengeance is always beautiful if wrapped up aesthetically.
#Dr Sanjay Kumar, U.P Coordinator, Centre for the study of society and politics (CSSP), Kanpur