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Auto Expo 2020: MG3 Hatchback Swift

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 25, Feb 2020, 20:17 pm IST | UPDATED: 26, Feb 2020, 17:35 pm IST

Auto Expo 2020: MG3 Hatchback Swift It is sold in the United Kingdom as the the most affordable MG hatchback and in India it could be Rs 5-8 lakhs for the top-end version. The MG3 is small but nearly same size as other hatchbacks.

 The side view is a simple one with the typical hatchback but the surfaces are clean and sleek while the alloys wheels are very sporty.

The rear is the most interesting with large vertical shape tail-lamps which are sporty while there is a rear spoiler too which further increases the sporty quotient.

The interior is simple and do not have features like a large touchscreen or digital screens as it is more simple but it has all the required features while the quality is tough plus durable.

 In India the MG3 can be a sporty and fun hatchback which further increases the MG presence as Indians still buy a lot of hatchbacks. MG is currently thinking about this car to bring here.