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Liquor Shops Open Across Country: Crowds Forget Social Distancing

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 04, May 2020, 19:27 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, May 2020, 19:27 pm IST

Liquor Shops Open Across Country: Crowds Forget Social Distancing Delhi: Since the lockdown began one of the most topmost requests for relaxation was for the sale of liquor. As the country sets out on the third phase of the lockdown or Lockdown 3.0, the government has allowed the sale of liquor in all zones except containment zones. According to reports sale of liquor will be allowed in all zones with certain conditions except in containment areas. Liquor will be sold through standalone shops, not in markets or malls. In all liquor shops, customers will have to maintain a minimum six-feet distance, and no more than five persons allowed at one time.

Today, long queues stretching up to a kilometre were witnessed outside wine shops in several states as tipplers could not contain their excitement at the thought of savouring their favourite drink. According to reports, people showed their enthusiasm in different ways while one man conducted aarti others cheered and clapped with happiness when the shops opened.

Here is a glimpse on how people reacted to the opening of liquor shops


The shop fronts were seen teeming with crowds of excited drinkers who hardly bothered to follow ‘social distancing’. Even though shops had earmarked spaces on the ground for people to stand so that they keep a distance, few followed it. Around 2-3 people were seen standing in the space for one person. According to reports, the state has seen a sudden spike in Covid-19 as fourteen migrant labourers who returned to the state tested positive.


In the state that falls under the red zone, the crowd had started queuing up from 7 am. Despite the imminent danger of catching the infection people were hardly mindful of maintaining distance. Police also struggled to maintain social distancing protocols in queues that covered entire streets. People were also seen buying large quantities of alcohol possibly to last till the next chance of purchase.


In Hubli and Bangalore, the scene was a little better as the crowd did not forget to follow social distancing. In Kolar, a man expressed his excitement at the prospect of a drink by marking the moment with ‘aarti’ and breaking of coconut in front of the shop.

Uttar Pradesh
In Noida, residents were seen clapping as the shutters of alcohol shops were opened.


In Mumbai where the cases of coronavirus are steep, wine and beer shops remain closed. Few who reached the shops after news about opening were dispersed by the police. Reports say that there is no clarity on whether the shops will open in non-containment zones.

While the centre has allowed all shops selling non-essentials to be open till 7 pm, every state has specified the time for the opening of liquor shops.
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