Thursday, Oct 01st 2020
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Very Sorry Twitter Apologises To Its Clients Over Data Breach

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 25, Jun 2020, 18:21 pm IST | UPDATED: 25, Jun 2020, 18:21 pm IST

Very Sorry Twitter Apologises To Its Clients Over Data Breach Delhi: In yet another breach of data Twitter has sought an apology from business clients over data leak which exposed their personal data to hackers. According to the BBC report, the micro-blogging site has sent email to all its business customers including advertisers informing that their information may have been compromised in a security lapse.

In fact, the incident has been confirmed by a spokesperson to TechCrunch.

The spokesperson said it became aware of an incident where if they viewed billing information on or, it may have got stored in the browser's cache.

E-mailing users who have been affected, the social networking giant said: "We're very sorry this happened. We recognise and appreciate the trust you place in us, and are committed to earning that trust every day."

However, the company said it had soon informed the potential business client  as soon as they discovered the issue. The issue was resolved and communicated to potentially impacted clients to make sure they were aware and informed on how to protect themselves moving forward.

What data has been compromised?

The data breach is said to have compromised the business users' email addresses, phone numbers and the last four-digits of their credit card number.

What are the past data breaches?

It is not the first time that the micro-blogging site has been embroiled in a data breach incident.

In December 2019, it had accepted that a malicious code was inserted into its app by a bad actor that may have compromised some users' information worldwide, including in India. It is only after that the social media company had users to update the app for Android.

The vulnerability within Twitter for Android could allow the bad actor to see non-public account information or to control your account (send Tweets or Direct Messages).

Prior to this in May 2019, Twitter disclosed a bug that shared some iOS users' data with an unnamed partner, even if the users did not opt to share data. The bug impacted its iOS user base who were notified about the issue.

In fact in February, a bug in Twitter exposed private tweets of some Android users for over five years when they made changes in their settings, like changing the email address linked to their accounts.

Meanwhile, Twitter confirmed that it had permanently banned the account of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a journalist organisation. The entity had earlier this week allowed the public to access one of the largest repositories of leaked US law enforcement documents to date.
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