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Pyramid Photoshoot Lands Model, Photographer Behind Bars

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 03, Dec 2020, 18:04 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Dec 2020, 18:04 pm IST

Pyramid Photoshoot Lands Model, Photographer Behind Bars Delhi: A fashion photographer has been arrested in Egypt over a photoshoot that he did at the Pyramid of Djoser on the outskirts of Cairo. The arrest happened as the photoshoot was deemed too revealing and disrespectful. It is rumoured that the model who appeared for it has also been detained. 

A photographer has been arrested after a private shoot with model-dancer Salma al-Shimi in the archaeological zone. His case had been referred to the courts," the Guardian reported, quoting security sources.

Three days ago, model Salma al-Shimi had posted photographs from the shoot for her thousands of followers on Instagram. Contrary to the claim that the photos have been removed from the platform, they remain posted on her account.

Even though the photoshoot has been themed around ancient Egypt,  some users said that outfits are not as per Egypt’s ancient heritage and hence are disrespectful.

Reportedly, Shimi has also been charged with breaking the rules set by Egypt's Antiquities Ministry for photoshoots.

The photographer-model due also seem to be getting some support with netizens asking if there was ever a ban on taking photographs in archaeological zones for pictures that are completely normal.

Previously, social media influencers have been jailed in Egypt over content that was termed offensive by the court.
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