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Centre for Conflict Management Marks Conflict Management Day on 25 December

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 26, Dec 2020, 19:37 pm IST | UPDATED: 26, Dec 2020, 19:37 pm IST

Centre for Conflict Management Marks Conflict Management Day on 25 December Delhi: Centre for Conflict Management, a global, not for profit and voluntary initiative set up towards a peaceful and inclusive world, is all set to create a global impact under the able guidance and mentorship of Prof. Himanshu Rai.  Prof.Rai, who is the current Director, IIM Indore is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad is a world-renowned expert in negotiation and conflict management who did his doctorate in Conflict Management and Negotiation from IIM A.
Under the mentorship of Prof. Himanshu Rai, the CCM is taking up endeavors aimed at sharing insights from experts and coming up with research-based interactive facts, activities, and discussions, to provide new perspectives on the discipline of Conflict Management, to empower the individuals to achieve more.
After expanding across all the states, CCM has expanded its reach across the globe and is now has its International Chapters in 5 countries. CCM also is setting up its authorised Chapters in the prominent educational institutions who can take forward the vision of CCM. CCM is operating through a team of 18 Resource Persons from India and abroad and who hail from rich and varied background well equipped to contribute to this cause. CCM is a team of 1200 plus young volunteers from across the reputed institutions who are taking forward this initiative.
On the occasion of the birthday of its Chief Mentor on 25 December, CCM marked the day as Conflict Management Day. A webinar was organised for the youth which was address by Prof. Rai. The event witnessed 500+ participants registered for the session which highlighted the intricacies of Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Prof. Rai elaborated the concept of Conflict Management on intra personal and inter personal levels and connected with the youth through citing interesting examples. Prof.Rai enlightened the participants on the essential skills for effective negotiation and emphasized on artfulness, managing expectations, relationship building capabilities and similarity attraction theory. He also talked about the importance of Kinaesthetic communication for conflict resolution and negotiation.
CCM proposes Conflict Management Day to be an annual celebration to honour and extend a heartfelt gratitude to its Chief Mentor and dedicates the day to mark the deep nurturing and growth of this thoughtful initiative.
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